Hyundai and BTS create new Ioniq: theme song

Hyundai recently announced that it was launching a new sub-brand called Ioniq which will be focused on selling electric powered offerings that will be based on some of the wild EV concepts that the company has shown over the past few years. While we still have to wait a bit to see the models in question in the flesh, Hyundai chose to tap into the current music scene, and teamed up with rising Korean pop band BTS to create an official theme song for the young brand.

We will freely admit that Car-Revs-Daily is typically better known for reviewing cars versus what’s hot on the Billboard Hot 100. But overall as a whole, the song does have a snazzy beat, and is a commendable ear worm designed to instill the Ioniq brand into one’s psyche. The word Ioniq is repeated over and over again, and there are some corny lyrics about charging and saving energy, but we’re confident that BTS fans (including this writer’s fiancee) will not take too much issue with those things for the sake of embracing their inner fandom when listening to the song on repeat.

This song is also not the first time we have seen an automaker tap into pop culture to promote a product, with the folks at Jeep enlisting the band X Ambassadors and their hit Renegades to promote the entry level Jeep Renegade. If your a fan of the tune, You can download the tune at this link and Hyundai is also running a contest through its Instagram page where you can enter to have the chance to win a cassette shaped music player that comes bundled with the song, as well as audio greetings from the band. As for the finer details, look for more concrete details about the brand and some of its upcoming models to appear later this year.