Subtle updates blend with green focused technology to add dimension to 2020 Hyundai Ioniq

Remember back when the Toyota Prius was once considered to be the de-facto benchmark of the green vehicle segment? We do and apparently so do some of its rivals who are out to show the world that there are indeed other options besides the mighty green icon. One of these firms is Hyundai who has perhaps pulled the boldest coup of them all with the 2020 Ioniq. On the surface the Ioniq appeared to check off alot of the boxes that green car buyers want. That included exceptional fuel economy and futuristic technology but can the 2020 Hyundai Ioniq continue …

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Hyundai reveals E-GMP platform, confirms that it will make its debut in the Ioniq 5

A key part of any electric vehicle is what lies underneath the skin with the platform playing a big part in its fuel saving mission. Many automakers have already released dedicated platforms for their offerings, and that includes Hyundai which took the covers off of its all new E-GMP platform and revealed that it will be the spearhead platform in the launch of the Ioniq sub-brand. The true sum of its parts In prior statements, Hyundai revealed that it plans to unleash no less than 23 different electrified models by 2025. That’s a very ambitious target, and hitting this proverbial …

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Hyundai and BTS create new Ioniq: theme song

Hyundai recently announced that it was launching a new sub-brand called Ioniq which will be focused on selling electric powered offerings that will be based on some of the wild EV concepts that the company has shown over the past few years. While we still have to wait a bit to see the models in question in the flesh, Hyundai chose to tap into the current music scene, and teamed up with rising Korean pop band BTS to create an official theme song for the young brand. We will freely admit that Car-Revs-Daily is typically better known for reviewing cars versus …

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Hyundai Ioniq to become sub-brand, expand to three models in first three years

Following on the heels of the recently launched Genesis luxury brand, Hyundai is expanding once again, and has formally announced plans to launch a second sub-brand called Ioniq that aims to push Hyundai into the greener side of the market. if that particular moniker sounds familiar, it’s because it’s based on an existing Hyundai model. Unlike Genesis which had it’s origins in the Hyundai Genesis sedan, Ioniq gets its roots from the Ioniq green car of the same name. Currently, the Ioniq as we currently know it is available as a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and a full EV. However, that …

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Road Test Review – 2017 Volkswagen e-Golf – By Carl Malek

When the e-Golf first arrived on our shores back in 2014, it was considered an afterthought especially considering that it arrived during the pinnacle of Volkswagen’s TDI-fueled dominance of the green car market. But with this diesel empire toppled by scandal, and a growing field of electric vehicles entering the marketplace, the e-Golf’s role in Volkswagen’s arsenal has become much more important. Can this electrified Golf stand out against the competition while still retaining the VW’s winning formula? At first glance, the exterior styling does not scream that your driving an electric car. In fact, it looks like a run …

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2017 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid EXTERIOR 34

2017 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid – Road Test Review

Ioniq is really a charmer on the road.  This is a car that can out-eco a Prius and yet also sling itself around corners like a balanced Lotus. 50 mpg has never been so easy, or fun!  No plugs needed and no range anxiety.  Ioniq is good enough to make you really rethink the logic of a full EV.  This just seems so much smarter and more versatile.  It is a seamless normal-car replacement.  Smoother than a normal sedan’s drivetrain and just as easy to own. We spent a week testing the Ioniq’s limits in a high-performance drive video.  And …

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2017 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid SEL – Road Test Review – By Ben Lewis

These days a lot of automakers offer a hybrid of some sort. But pretty much the undisputed king is the Prius. And Toyota earned the reputation the hard way – putting out their necks first with a little agrarian car that earned more than its share of jibes and rude noises. But Toyota’s laughing now. Interestingly, there have been precious few direct competitors to the Prius. But now we have a new fuel-sipping gunslinger in town –the all-new Hyundai Ioniq hybrid. So, does it send the Prius packing, or is it more ironic than Ioniq? Well it definitely has the …

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Road Test Review – 2017 Hyundai Ioniq Electric Limited – By Carl Malek

Once considered rolling science experiments 15 to 20 years ago, electric vehicles are seeing a resurgence in both relevance and importance to a new generation of car buyers. When I was growing up in Metro Detroit, it was in a GM household, and the infamous EV-1 was the symbol of GM’s brief but compelling trip into the world of mass market vehicle electrification. Tremendous progress has been made since then (case in point the Chevrolet Bolt), and electric vehicles are slowly making the transition from curiosity, to mass market reality. But does this mean that electric vehicles are at long …

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2017 Hyundai IONIQ Electric – First Drive Review w/ Video

The sleeper hit of the Hyundai Ioniq launch? The full EV! This will be the rarest of the three Ioniq models as it will be sold in California only for the first year.  [First arrivals around April/May in stores, by the way, and Ioniq EV can be special-ordered nationwide at that time too.] It was not just the incredible normalcy about the EV drive Ioniq that makes it surprising.  Really it’s the thoroughness of the engineering and exceptional value this car represents. Hold your horses, though!  Let’s discuss what this car offers, how it looks, drives and feels.  Click play below …

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2017 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid – First Drive Review w/ Video [60 Photos]

Ioniq launches for 2017 as the first direct Prius rival in years.  Yes, I hear you — there are dozens of Prius rivals! And you are right: hybrids and EVs have gained traction in midsize sedans, luxury cars and SUVs at a rapid clip recently.  But no car actually tries to out-do Prius in 2017.  Not the cancelled Honda Insight.  And not the plug-in Chevy Volt, or battery-only VW eGolf. The reasons for this are many.  Mostly because Prius has beaten them all.  Ridiculously good mileage – no matter what.  A formula that surprisingly has never been cracked by another …

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PART TWO – #NYIAS Showfloor Mega Gallery (+250 Photos)

Where to start!  100 tons of fresh metal out of New York today! The new GLC Coupe, E43 and C63 Cabrio make a strong style statement. Lincoln Navigator Concept, GENESIS New York Concept, Lexus LC500, the new Hyundai IONIQ line, Maserati Levante and many, many more.  Enjoy. PART TWO – #NYIAS Showfloor Mega Gallery (+250 Photos)