Auto Insider: The Best Accessories to Add to Your New Sportscar

There are two ways to buy a sportscar. You can either order one, where you can pay for all the upgrades and aesthetic changes you want and it will be custom-made just for you. This is the way to go if money isn’t an object, but it isn’t an option for many who have always dreamed of owning a sportscar.

The second option is to buy a sportscar as-is. You can either get great deals from the dealership, or buy used. The other bonus is that you can pay for the upgrades your vehicle so desperately needs as you can.

In this second option, the world is your limit, but we recommend adding these top accessories:

Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film from is one of the best budget-friendly options for protecting the detailing of your vehicle. The other option is ceramic coatings, which are the best paint job you could ever hope for. In both cases your vehicle will be better protected from the everyday elements and from cosmetic damages like debris dents you frequently get on the road.

Window Tinting

If your vehicle doesn’t already have tinted windows then this is definitely one that is going to make a big difference in your vehicle. Window tinting cancels out the harmful UV rays of the sun, and also does wonders to keeping your interior cooler in hot summers, so you aren’t entering a sauna every time you go back to your car.

Dash Cam

If you invest in a sportscar then you need to invest in a dash (and ideally rear) camera. These need to have long battery lives (or the ability to plug in directly to your vehicle) and good storage in order to be effective. With these two features you can record what other drivers on the road are doing, and make it easy to prove if another driver’s carelessness results in an accident.

A Modern Jump Starter

That old jump starting kit we used to have in the back is a thing of the past. Nowadays you can get an instant boost from a device that looks a lot like a backup phone charger, with the standard cables necessary to boost your vehicle. When not needed to help give you that extra push after you’ve idled too long in the winter, these new devices can help keep all your devices charged and ready to go.

Car Vacuum

Another nifty little tool to have in your vehicle is a small, hand-held vacuum cleaner. Particularly important if you have pets and want to continue to enjoy a nice looking interior, these specially designed vacuums are the perfect solution.

A Digital Assistant

You can now install Siri, Google Home, or Amazon’s Alexa to your vehicle and enjoy the power of voice commands in a whole new way. It will connect to your phone and give you the better assistance when hands-off than you could have ever hoped for.

Focus on the accessories and upgrades that will improve the overall function of your vehicle first, and then move on to the cosmetic upgrades. This way you can prolong the life of your dream vehicle and enjoy it that much more.

4D Number Plates (License Plates)

For those in the UK, 4D number plates from SurePlates are a trending license plate option and visual upgrade to your vehicle.  4D plates are laser cut from acrylic and the digits are bonded to the surface of the plate.  These premium license plates with gloss black digits will give your car the aesthetic overhaul is craves.  They can also be customized with borders and flags for a truly unique personalized plate.

Featuring the 2020 Lotus Evora GT