Volkswagen teases 2021 Golf R, claims it will be most powerful Golf model in history

Volkswagen has always had a way of pleasing the masses. The current generation Golf GTI still remains one of the best performance bargains in the market today, but what if your a hot hatch buyer that craves more power, and wants something that can really make a splash at the local track day? Volkswagen has just the answer for you, with the German auto giant releasing the first official teaser for the 2021 Golf R.


Exterior styling pumps up the volume

Volkswagen chose to release one lone teaser image which appears to show a portion of the model’s rear hatch. However, look for the bulk of the styling to retain some of the core essentials that have defined the GTI, with the R adopting much of the basic styling layout. However, like before, look for this model to amp things up slightly, with bigger intakes, tweaked front and rear fascias, and perhaps model exclusive wheel and trim appointments. A very subtle change is an all new font design for the “R” moniker, which also moves directly below the VW logo for 2021.

No interior shots were released this time around, but with the current generation Golf and GTI models already wielding a more luxurious cabin, we suspect that business will proceed as usual in the R, albeit with minor trim changes to make the model stand out from the crowd.


Revamped performance upgrades include all-wheel drive


Volkswagen chose to not disclose too much about what lurks underneath the R’s sheet metal, but the company is eager to point out that this chapter of Golf R will be “more powerful, more dynamic, more efficient, more closely integrated, more digital” then the old one. A key move to help achieve this goal is an all new all-wheel drive system with selective wheel torque control for the rear axle. This rather ingenious setup uses a state of the art dynamics management system that is closely paired with an electronically operated front differential and adaptive chassis control to help ensure that all of the power is going exactly where it needs to be at all times. Look for the engine to be another derivative of the familiar 2.0 liter turbocharged four cylinder, but with horsepower being turned up even higher than what we have already seen in the GTI. It’s unknown exactly how much horsepower will be on hand, but it’s safe to assume that VW engineers will be shooting for over 300 hp this time around.


When can you buy one?

Like everything else surrounding the 2021 Volkswagen Golf R, the German car giant also kept distribution details to itself, but buyers looking to at least see it in all of its virtual glory won’t have long to wait, with the company revealing that it will be unveiling the model on November 4th. Look for Europe to have first dibs on the R, with buyers in the U.S. potentially having to wait until next year to have the chance to formally add one to their driveway.