Rolls Royce Teases Dawn Silver Bullet Collection Model, First Collection Car Model Of New Decade

When Rolls Royce was preparing to enter the new decade, the bespoke British luxury car maker revealed that it would be offering a new series of “Collection Cars” at various points through out the decade to help celebrate key moments in the company’s iconic history, while also giving eager buyers the chance to add something unique to their diverse vehicle collections. Rolls Royce has formally teased the first of these models, with the firm confirming that the Dawn will be the canvas for its all new Silver Bullet model.

The Dawn Silver Bullet draws its inspiration from the 1920’s, a decade where money flowed, and opulence reigned supreme. In the case of Rolls Royce, this decade also proved to be a very welcoming playground for their roadster models, with the company rising to prominence before the shadows of the Great Depression and WWII put an end to this wild time in history. The Dawn Silver Bullet embraces this retro theme with gusto, with the design succeeding in channeling some of these themes, while still managing to retain a modern and bold physique. The exterior styling retains the Dawn’s core virtues, but Rolls Royce designers have added dark elements including darkened headlight housings, a model exclusive dark bumper finisher trim, as well as polished wheels with a single silver pinstripe contrasting the translucent shadow finish. The car also comes slathered with a model exclusive Silver hue, and Rolls is quick to point out that silver has been a consistent theme with some of their other special models including the Silver Spectre, The Silver Dawn, and even the Silver King.


Meanwhile, an all new AeroCowling gives the Dawn Silver Bullet a high shouldered personality and it accents a rakish silver hued center spine that extends towards the cabin, as well as a titanium vapor blasted wind break piece that features the Silver Bullet name and silhouette. But the exterior pales in comparison to what the interior brings to the table. While Rolls Royce chose to release renderings for its teaser images versus formal pictures, these stylized drawings do preview a very exotic interior. it all starts with open pore carbon fiber accents, which contrasts nicely with leather accents for the transmission tunnel. Rolls claims that the design of the leather was inspired by vintage leather jackets, and that the bespoke leather will also be splashed in other areas of the interior with other opulent goodies sandwiched in between. Rolls Royce claims that the final result of this blending of ,materials will produce an interior that will be “alluringly tactile, resplendent in materials and craftsmanship of our own time.”


Rolls Royce did not reveal when the Dawn Silver Bullet Collection will formally debut, but instead revealed that will host a series of “Silver Bullet Drives” A description for this rather unique claims that they are epic road trips curated by Rolls-Royce which will be offered to buyers of the new variant via the all new Whispers app. Pricing was also not released, but with the company only producing 50 copies of this car, look for that figure to accurately reflect the rarity and exclusivity that the Dawn Silver Bullet will bring to your driveway if your one of the lucky owners. In the meantime, Rolls Royce has also released an all new website highlighting the Silver Bullet in further detail which can be visited by clicking the link here