Rolls Royce Celebrates End Of Ghost Production With Limited Edition “Zenith Collection”

In the world of Rolls Royce, it’s not too often that collectors and esteemed Rolls Royce loyalists have the chance to obtain a rare item that is at the apex of its potential. In this instance, that opportunity only occurs once every ten years, and with the current generation Ghost four door sedan ending its production run soon, Rolls is celebrating the event by unleashing a special run of “Zenith Collection” Ghost models that are sure to reignite the passion and elegant desire that has allowed Ghost to be a key cog in the company’s efforts to branch out to younger buyers.

As mentioned earlier, the new run of Ghost models will be called the “Zenith Collection” with the firm set to only build a scant 50 examples of this unique edition. With roots that stretch back to the classic Silver Ghost as well as the 200EX experimental car that the British luxury car maker presented to the world at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show, the stakes were big in regards to making sure that Rolls Royce designers hit the mark when it came to formally designing the car. Using the fore-mentioned EX as a launching pad, the Zenith models bring several unique touches to help them stand out from the rest of their paranormal cousins. A prominent example of this subtle tribute to its origins is the inclusion of a special commemorative ingot mounted into the center console of each Zenith model. This ingot is made from the melted down remnants of the Spirit of Ecstasy badge that once adorned the 200EX concept. Speaking of the concept, it too makes an appearance with the concept being elegantly engraved into the center console of the Ghost Zenith. The console itself also adopts a blueprint-esque theme which is split into 50 distinct sections. These sections allow prospective owners to put in their own distinctive art works, but still unifying the Zenith as part of the broader collection.

Rolls Royce interior stylists also wanted to bring more light to the Ghost Zenith’s doors, and have added illuminated door pockets as well as warm ambient lighting accents that actually shines through the perforated leather accents in a very cool visual effect that is sure to leave curious eyes captivated for hours on end. Rolls Royce did not want to leave its craftsmen and women out in the cold, and have commissioned them to create a very elaborate piece of marquetery exclusive to this model. Available in either wood, Technical fiber, or piano finished veneer the piece is designed to visually separate the driver and passenger suites, and is supposed to formally highlight the dual nature of the Ghost’s inner identity. Other goodies include rear seat embroidery that is supposed to be reminiscent of the weave seen in the original 1907 Silver Ghost, with the leather transitioning from the rear to the front of the cabin. Equipping a Zenith as an extended wheelbase model causes the leather here to intentionally thrust forward, creating a poised silhouette of the Spirit of Ecstasy badge. The seats themselves feature a contrasting color scheme, and are supposed to highlight the Ghost’s mission of being the ultimate four door limousine.

The familiar starlight headliner has been tweaked with a unique “shooting star” motif with some of the stars actually moving randomly across the roof in an attempt to add a bit more theater and wow factor to the passenger experience. The headliner itself is actually a very delicate and elaborate piece of engineering with over 1,340 individually mapped and hand woven fiber optic lights scattered throughout the headliner.


Meanwhile, the exterior styling shares its inspiration with the bigger Phantom, and Rolls Royce buyers can choose from three distinct two-tone color combinations (Igazu Blue with Andalusian White, Premier Silver with Artic White, or Bohemian Red with Black Diamond. All three colors help highlight the styling flexibility that lurks in the Ghost’s lines, and the 200EX connection appears again with a special Silver Satin hood that is especially prominent when paired with certain colors.


Rolls Royce revealed that ordering for the Zenith Collection Ghost is currently open, but that the order sheet is rapidly filling and will close very soon. Ifvyour one of the 50 lucky owners that snagged one for your garage, save us a seat, and we will be more than happy to share a bottle of Nappa Valley’s finest while watching the stars shoot by in your bespoke headliner.