Rolls Royce drops the top on elegance with all new Dawn Silver Bullet:

Rolls Royce made a splash awhile back when the British Luxury car maker revealed that it was launching its Collection Cars line of special edition products. While we have not seen the full scope of what the Collection will bring to showrooms quite yet, Rolls has decided to give the world another compelling appetizer, with the unveiling of the Dawn Silver Bullet.

The elegant Silver Bullet brings a number of unique flavors to the Dawn, with Rolls reps claiming that it’s supposed to be “a contemporary interpretation of the classic roadster spirit and driving experience,” and looking at what it brings to the table, it appears that it does manage to indeed succeed in doing just that. The front and rear fascias are lifted from lesser Dawns, but the Silver Bullet stands out with an exclusive hue dubbed Brewster Silver which is supposed to be a visual tribute to past Rolls models like the Silver King and the Silver Silence. Contrasting black elements add a subtle definition to the car’s character.

The interior is where the transformation really shifts up a gear, with the Dawn’s rear seats being pitched to the curb. In there place is a specially designed tonneau cover that the brand calls the “Aero Cowling.”The piece is supposed to improve aerodynamics slightly, and features a finisher made out of vapor blasted titanium that incorporates the Silver Bullet moniker on the back, as well as a stylized profile of the Silver Bullet at the front. The press images that Rolls Royce chose to release with their release do not allow a full inspection of the interior, but it’s known that each of the fifty examples Rolls is planning to build will feature an open pore carbon fiber insert, as well as leather quilting on the transmission tunnel that’s supposed to be inspired by leather jackets. Rolls has always been known for being the defacto benchmark in interior design, and the appointments on the Dawn Silver Bullet continue to live up to that reputation.

Performance for the Dawn Silver Bullet will most likely come from the 6.6 liter V12 that powers other Dawn models. The engine is a mighty piece of technology, with occupants being elegantly treated to 563 horsepower and 603 lb-ft of torque. There is a rumor that the Black Badge’s 593 horsepower version of the twelve cylinder could make its way to the Silver Bullet instead. Rolls Royce didn’t clarify that in its press release, but while the 620 lb-ft of torque is welcome in hard acceleration (we certainly liked our time with it.) The Black Badge is made to be driven, and with Rolls Royce actually organizing road trips to help owners see the world around them, we doubt that weekend track adventures are on the menu for the Silver Bullet.


Rolls Royce is planning to build only 50 examples of the Dawn Silver Bullet, but it’s unknown if any of the 50 are heading to U.S. showrooms or not. Pricing was also not released, but with the “base” Dawn starting at $350,000, it would not surprise us to see the Silver Bullet go for roughly double that amount before options and fees are thrown into the mix.