Morgan Teases Upcoming Four Cylinder Model For Geneva, Is It A Next Generation Plus 4?

Morgan is embarking on perhaps the most ambitious era that it has ever undertaken. The company started things off by rolling out an all new aluminum platform that replaced the iconic 83 year old steel ladder chassis, and it also ditched V8s, with the firm replacing them with BMW sourced turbocharged inline six engines. The sweeping changes for the company will continue on for 2020 with the Malvern based company confirming that it is cooking up an all new model which will make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show next week.


Like other recent unveilings, Morgan is keeping the model very well hidden, with the company releasing a lone teaser image of the car through its Facebook page. It does not show much, with the car hiding under a black sheet. However, it’s safe to assume that the design language here will not be a radical departure from the company’s traditional design language. The teaser image also confirms that the model will be powered by a four cylinder engine which could indicate that Morgan will be making an all new iteration of the Plus 4. The current generation Plus 4 is powered by a Ford sourced Duratec four cylinder that is good for 154 horsepower and does the sprint from 0 to 62 mph in just 7.5 seconds. The big story here however is that the new model will be underpinned by a variant of the company’s all new aluminum architecture which is twice as rigid as the company’s last attempt at an aluminum platform, and only tips the scales at 213 lbs.


Earlier this year, the company unveiled the Morgan Plus 4 70th Anniversary Edition, which provided a proper send off to the outgoing chassis thanks to features such as a gold hued frame as well as a platinum hued body. The appearance of this model adds further evidence to the theory that a revamped Plus 4 could be in store for the Geneva Motor Show. All will be known on March 3rd when the mysterious offering will be unveiled to the world.