Cadillac ATS 2.0T Looks Beautiful in Latest Night Photos in Bonn, Germany

There is news rumbling about the future of the Cadillac ATS – and all signs point to huge, twin-turbo power and perhaps even a coupe shell. The name so far is as expected: ATS Coupe.

Cadillac ATS Europe GIF

Other rumors? New Caddy crest emblem – without the wreath.

This will be one seriously fast machine with 400-plus horsepower. Rear-drive and manual transmission seem like the initial configuration preference for the V series Cadillac, but AWD and a snappy new auto could be in the cards as well.

Worth noting is that the ATS is a bit smaller and nimbler than the new RC F and M4 already, which bodes well versus the Lexus V8’s big nose weight.


The best thing to do before a big launch like this, for me, is to see the current production car in its best possible photos.



Not sure about you, but I eventually was so worn out with the bright red ATS photos – I could barely read the reviews, let alone write them!


Luckily, Cadillac is a global shop these days. The latest official images show some fantastic angles of this production sports sedan.


ATS_0041 ATS_0011 ATS_041 ATS_042

So for it to get hotter than this!? Very exciting news coming soon…

Cadillac ATS – Exteriors from Bonn

Cadillac ATS – Interiors

Cadillac ATS Europe GIF