Mercedes-Benz G-Class INFERNO by TopCar Design

We were famously unimpressed by the new G-wagen’s lack of visual impact when it was first released.  The new panels all around barely made a dent in updating the machine!

Time was warmed our impression of the redesign — which was more focused on interior and performance upgrades, while deliberately keeping the exterior style almost frozen in 1979.

TopCar Design to the rescue!

The new aftermarket options for the latest G-Class generation are quite comprehensive, functional and visually exciting on such a big beast of a truck.  There are dozens of aero tweaks and detail modifications in carbon-fiber throughout the exterior – -as detailed below in the technical drawings. As ever, the upgrade is available for the G550 as well as the G63 nd G65 AMG.

These pieces are available installed as a complete package or a la carte — check out all the details below the gallery!~


Mercedes-Benz G-Class INFERNO by TopCar Design

Official Release 

Mercedes-Benz G-class Inferno by TopCar Design.

The legendary Mercedes-Benz G-Class boasts ten million admirers all over the world, and G63 and G65 AMG models etched this outstanding car boots into the motor vehicle history. Output of long-expected G-Class generation in 2018 made a furor, and subsequently a high demand for further tuning.

One of the first tuning companies, which suggested its own version of the new car update was the TopCar Design Company. The first sketches of the future aerodynamic body kit in TopCar were shown in spring 2018, and in February 2019 the project is being commercialized. The official premiere of G-Class Inferno TopCar Design will take place at Geneva International Motor Show in March 2019.

TopCar Design.

The TopCar Design was founded in 2004 in Moscow, Russia. Since 2006 the company began to participate in international car exhibitions, thus positioning itself as a global company. Initially the company specialized in creating aerodynamic body kits only for Porsche, however, over time, projects for Mercedes-Benz, Bentley, Lamborghini cars appeared. The company’s engineers have always focused on manufacturability and quality of products. As a result 90% of the components currently produced are made of carbon and kevlar by vacuum molding; the technology guarantees not only the perfect quality of the components at the exit, but also easeness and speed of components installation. The technology ensures possibility to install any kit from the TopCar Design by a foreman even with initial skills anywhere in the world.

Aerodynamic body kit Inferno.

The new body kit for Mercedes-Benz G-class from the TopCar Design can be considered one of the most advanced products manufactured by the company, and has a huge number of both individual elements and complex components.

The front bumper resembles the AMG corporate style with an A-shaped central spoiler, but it primarily retains the overall style of TopCar Design Company – more aggressive and pure lines combined with a large amount of carbon. The bumper consists of 11 visible elements and many other components hidden from the observer’s eyes: the front bumper (1) with three air intakes and a number plate, the lower lip splitter (3), the central A-shaped spoiler (4), cover plates on the right and on the left (5) and a pair of LED running lights with the function of direction indicator (2).

The front of the car also includes a carbon fiber bonnet (7), head light protection covers (6) and a Shark logo cover (21). The engine bonnet is a separate reason for pride for engineers and designers of the TopCar Design – it consists of 6 parts: the upper and lower halves, a heat shield, “gill” air intakes and a decorative insert in the front. The bonnet is made of carbon fiber and kevlar, the inside of the bonnet is finished with carbon-kevlar composite with “Military” style weave. The design of the bonnet has regular, extensive contours, “gill” air intakes, which corresponds to the TopCar Design corporate style and harmonizes with the Gclass itself.

The front bumper is inextricably connected with the front fender extensions (8), the front fenders have design cover plates with the company logo (9), the front fender extensions harmoniously shade into the side sills (10), which have exhaust tips with an interesting internal profile (11), then look goes to the rear fender extensions (8). The expansion of the car involves installation of 20 mm front wheel spacers and 25 mm rear ones. On the side of the car there are also carbon trimbars – 10 parts in a circle (20), carbon mirror covers (19), carbon rear C-Pillar covers (22).

Let’s continue the review of the body kit elements on the rear part. They are the rear bumper with wide air intakes (12), the aggressive rear diffuser (13), left and right rear side splitters (14) and the most attractive detail is a huge spacer wheel cover with a shark shape ( 15), the TopCar Design logo.

The body kit elements are not limited to those mentioned. The TopCar Design also provided a number of elements for the G-class roof design: this is a large roof panel with two LEDs (16), carbon side roof panel (17), which, when viewed from the side, give the impression of a “completely carbon” roof, and the final element is a roof spoiler with logo (18).

Most of these elements are made of carbon and have two top coating options – for further painting or finishing with carbon (the regular structure of carbon coated with transparent lacquer).

The basic configuration includes the front bumper with all components, front and rear fender extensions, front fender cover plates, side sills and rear bumper with all components. All other elements are optional.


The uniqueness of this project lies in its time-consuming manufacture, the kit of more than 70 components, made of carbon and kevlar by vacuum molding. All products of the kit have an internal and external part, made from the same highquality materials (carbon and kevlar), thereby increasing complexity of manufacturing components twofold. But despite complexity of the body kit design, it is very easy to install and does not require additional work and prefitting.

Due to complex technological features of manufacture of this high-quality product, the TopCar Design is able to produce no more than 1 kit in 14 days! This truly confirms the fact that G-class Inferno is one of the most complex and exclusive kits on the world market. Inferno G-class owner is guaranteed to become the center of attention in any city in any country of the world!

G-class Inferno at the Geneva Motor Show.

In the first G-class Inferno, which will be shown at the Geneva Motor Show, the experts of TopCar Design first used an exclusive paint created on their own with a semi-matte green tint, perfectly emphasizing all the facets of the exhibition car! Another exclusive that you will find in this car is leather in the interior with a unique weave that resembles carbon weave. This interior solution is used for the first time in the world of tuning and is an excellent addition to the external image of the already impressive G-class Inferno!

Cost and options.

Price list of G-class Inferno for convenience is divided into four main blocks:

  1. Basic kit for painting at the cost of 19 083 euros
  2. Basic kit visible carbon fiber at the cost of 24 750 euros
  3. Full kit for painting at the cost of 26 783 euros
  4. Full kit visible carbon fiber at the cost of 39 650 euros

A section of additional options is also available to the buyer , which includes two variants of the bonnet:

  • Engine bonnet for painting at the cost of 6,350 euros
  • Engine bonnet visible carbon fiber at the cost of 7,500 euros

Two types of ultralight forged discs manufactured by TopCar Design. Available sizes are 21 to 23 inches. The price for a set of disks with a diameter of 21-22 inches is 6,700 euros, the price for a set of disks with a diameter of 23 inches is 7,700 euros.

  • Shark Style
  • Inferno Style

The cost of the set installation and painting (recommended price)

  • Installation and painting of the basic kit – 6 500 euro
  • Installation and painting of the full kit – 7 500 euro

Increase of the engine power.

The TopCar Design Company in cooperation with the well-known company GoshaTurboTech, which has gained wide acclaim through its projects on performance modifications, offers various performance levels for the engine. A wide range of available performance modifications includes powertrain, turbine upgrade, etc. These programs are sold as GTT700, GTT800, GTT850. Top level pushes car with 1050Nm torque.

Engine build means increased displacement, extremely reliable CNC crankshaft, forged pistons and connecting rods, reinforced and lots of minor revisions.

Powertrain build includes high efficient cooling system and mechanical reinforcement of most gearbox components to hold the torque.

The foundation stone for all the GoshaTurboTech builds is a professional ECu and TCM tuning.


TopCar Design’s specialists offer almost unlimited possibilities for the interior, in particular, the company has become famous for its works, where it is widely used genuine crocodile leather, gold, various types of carbon and leather, precious woods and exclusive polymer structures. Any sophisticated customers will find something new for themselves.