TopCar GLE INFERNO Coupe – Wide, Low and Ready to Brawl!

Wide, low and in a full blackout!?  Am i looking in a mirror or at the hottest GLE upgrade on the market?

Updated 3.28.16 with live photos


TopCar is taking its Porsche love to new heights in 2016: a major stand at the Geneva show set the brand on level footing with other supertuners like Brabus, KAHN Design and Novitec Group.   TopCar is focused on all Porsche models, clearly, but also now with great new upgrades for Range Rover, BMW and Mercedes SUVs.

The latest creation?  An AMG GLE dubbed the INFERNO!

Bold names are not something TopCar needs help with, clearly.  =]

This new take on the GLE Coupe looks quite striking. Major changes in mood and style are visible from even 1000-paces thanks to contrast-carbon grey elements for the hood, lower intakes and side vents. The look versus previous ML-Class Inferno upgrades is evolving: the style of the fender slashes for the new GLE Coupe Inferno are smoother and more organic than the choppy slashes seen previously.

We like the look. With the TopCar partner suppliers in the mix, the GLE finally has the stance and style of a real Cayenne-fighter.  This is not a sure thing with the AMG GLE twins, let alone the base GLE350 etc models.  They are all highly angle-sensitive and are pretty pudgy and awkward from the dead front.

TopCar solves for this nicely via their 20-plus pieces of bodywork swapped or added to the GLE’s factory looks. These are available to pre-order now individually or as a kit, with pricing fairly reasonable versus some rivals.  Shipping to local install centers is a snap — but the install can add about $5k to the ~25k price of the parts themselves.

The finished GLE Inferno will take the main stage at Geneva 2016.

Standard Mercedes-AMG GLE63-S Coupe

TopCar Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe INFERNO


TopCar Mercedes-Benz ML63 Inferno Builds