LARTE Design Mercedes-Benz GL-Class Black Crystal in 80 New Photos!

Larte GL-Class

Better than even the awesome Larte QX80 and QX60 makeovers?

Better than the LX570 Alligator that Larte Design just launched in Moscow?

Taste is always subjective — but in terms of the high-fashion and high-exclusivity goals of a luxury SUV upgrade, we’d vote for this Larte GL as their best work yet.

The angularity and strongly matte finishes to the Larte trucks grilles and body kit certainly applies here, giving the brand a relatively unique statement of design across all its models.

They best part of this body kit and accessory package for the GL550, GL450, GL350 and GL63 is how completely fresh the entire appearance becomes.

As good a trucks as they are, the GL-Class is looking old and mighty tired for an $80,000 luxury seven-seater. It just does not look very fresh, even with the newest LED-accented lights on the 2013 and 2014 models.

For acing the uniqueness and interesting design test, we give the Larte Design a solid “A” grade!



Larte GL-Class

LARTE Design Mercedes-Benz GL-Class Black Crystal



LARTE GL-CLASS “Black Crystal”


MERCEDES GL    Black Crystal



Front bumper 



Rear bumper 


LED daytime running lights 



Brake light 


Front wheel arches extensions (R/L)  



Rear wheel arches extensions (R/L)  


Rear door plates (R/L) 



Front arches inserts (R/L) 


Front bumper black inserts(r/l) 



Rear bumper black inserts (R/L) 


Side sills 



Exhaust system 


Exhaust tail pipes 



Front bumper splitter 


Rear bumper amp 



Larte shield (big) 


Larte shield (small) 



Crystal (R/L) 



We could speak volumes about the human genius, the precise and precious manual work, craftsmanship, skills, knowledge, experience, quality control, but instead we’ll start with the mirror symmetry of crystals. This wonder of nature revealed to us axes, surfaces and the center of classical Mercedes symmetry to which we added crystal shine and crystal clarity. You will not find a new line of our own in the tuning set «Black crystal» because it is the combination of spotless surfaces, curves and edges of a crystal, unique lines and color depth of Mercedes, and this is a perfect union.


and peace of mind don’t mean humility. GL drivers know what respect and devotion are. Superiority and serenity – it is when you needn’t go anywhere at all.







Larte GL-Class