Chevrolet Teases Blazer SS EV, Will Reveal More Details In July

Chevrolet recently confirmed that the Equinox and Blazer SUVs would receive EV variants but while we have seen our fair share of images showcasing the smaller Equinox EV, its larger corporate partner in crime was camera shy and we didn’t see or hear much about it. That’s all changing though, with GM and Chevrolet not only confirming that it will be fully unveiled in July, but they were even kind enough to include a lone teaser image of the Blazer EV too.


Blazer EV, A Noticeable Departure From Tradition

Like the Equinox EV, the Blazer EV goes off in its own wild styling direction. While the transformation here is not as significant as the fore-mentioned model, the EV still brings a number of revisions to the table. That includes designers toning down many of the angular lines that made the ICE-powered Blazer so controversial. Instead, it appears that the iconic “coke bottle” look will be a defining trait with a pinched look in the middle of the SUV.

The exaggerated fenders on this SS model further enhance the look while darkened accents and vents signify that the Blazer SS will be very serious about delivering on-road performance. The front fascia is busier than before but it benefits from larger amounts of width and a full-length light bar unifies the front end with the latter becoming a key design point for many of Chevrolet’s recent EV products. Look for lesser Blazer models to have a more subdued profile, but until we get a chance to see the interior and the rear styling we’ll have to wait a while to form our final opinion on it.


When Will It Be Unveiled?

Chevrolet didn’t release a formal timetable for when the model will come to dealerships but did confirm that the Blazer will be fully unveiled in July. No exact date in July was given, but there’s a chance that the Blazer could perhaps appear before the Fourth of July holiday though we wouldn’t be shocked if it appears afterward. Look for the full stats to be released then and also information on what kind of technology, features, and options will be coming to the Blazer EV when it eventually makes its way to customers.