2018 Genesis G90 5.0 V8 RWD – Road Test Review

Here’s the secret in full-size limos from the premium brands: they are all pretty splendid to drive and have in your life.

The speed and road presence alone of driving a land-yacht of a vehicle is enough to earn serious respect on the road.

And they all class up a driveway like nobody’s business.

The new class is all turbocharged and uber-packed with tech — to the point where even the new LS500 crosses the $100k threshold in a huge hurry.

Does the new G90 really run with the big dogs like the S550, 740i and A8L in the fastlanes of 2018?

It also comes with standard twin-turbo six power and offers AWD or RWD for the standard and uplevel 5.0L flagship V8.

Genesis has an alternative answer – packing a roaring naturally-aspirated V8 and a backseat for kings.  A platform as rigid as the best and suspension from the gurus in Germany.  And finally, a leathery luxury inside the is so credibly, globally premium that its charm is undeniable.  All this paired with everything-standard pricing in the $70s?

Makes for a superlux limo that actually feels like great value.

Our goal was the see how the simplified interior tech solutions and upstart badge and style feel on the road.  We came away thrilled with this best-of-2018 machine — one that floats like a cloud, yet roars like thunder!

Check out the performance drive review below along with a massive photoset of the G90 inside and out.