Launch Party – 2017 Mercedes-AMG Project ONE [51 Photos]

We shouyld have taken Mercedes more seriously when they said their new hypercar concept would be an F1 car for the road.  The cliche is so tired as to barely raise an eyebrow in 2017.

But here we are: with a screaming 1.6-liter V6 turbocharged beyond all sense to deliver its 1000 ponies.  And electrified with a bombastic KERS hybrid system.

The looks are right off a racetrack and promise a car vastly less practical than any 911, but much more than most racecars.  A deep, McLaren-style door opening brings the entire lower sill up and away from  the bodywork for easy ingress and egress.  A nose honed by the wind tunnel makes first impressions challenging when judging for beauty.  Functionality here more than brand passion up front.  [Actually, the in-person photos prove a slashed-up swirl of intakes that is sexy and unique.]

This machine shares some actual family resemblance to the 1989 LeMans-winning C9 racecar, and the C111-4 to a certain extent as well.

The slippery profile and flick-spoilered rear end are more charming indeed.

Here are 50 photos of the machine from Frankfurt.   This car today is officially a concept, but only in name really.  A limited production run starting almost immediately is a sure thing.

2017 Mercedes-AMG Project ONE