Geneva Debuts – 2016 SAIC Volkswagen PHIDEON – China-Only Super-Passat

VW just revealed its next-gen flagship  super-Passat: the Phideon.

Riding on a next-gen premium platform, the Phideon is a long-wheelbase sedan the size of the S-Class, but with a lower roof that VW refers to as a four-door coupe.

On that note, one of the Phideon’s best initial impressions is its premium proportions.  A long-looking hood, improved dash-to-axle length and fairly short front overhang all send the right signals loud and clear.  That being said, it is not as rear-drive in appearance as even the Hyundai Genesis.

The design itself is familiar, if a bit angle-sensitive as shown on these preview images.

We’re dubious about the sedan’s prospects — will Chinese execs crave a car that lacks global respect?  A China-only release is not confirmed, by the way, just that the car in this spec will launch first in China.  It will presumably also be sold in Europe at some point after that.  Or will it?  The launch video brands the car as an SAIC VW Phideon — indicating it will be made in China as part of the joint-venture agreement.

US imports have a less-than-zero likelihood wherever it is assembled.



2016 SAIC Volkswagen PHIDEON

Press reception at the Geneva International Motor Show 2016 – World premiere of the Volkswagen Phideon

  • New Volkswagen in the premium segment for the Chinese market
  • Dynamic luxury saloon ushers in a design new era for the premium segment

Today saw the world premiere of the Volkswagen Phideon, ahead of the Geneva International Motor Show 2016. The all-new premium saloon will be launched on the Chinese market in 2016 and combines distinguished elegance with maximum dynamic performance.

The future of Volkswagen’s premium segment will go into production in China in the third quarter of 2016: as a sporty saloon car, the Phideon redefines the design language of Volkswagen’s premium models. The four-door coupé, which was developed in Germany, positions itself as both a sports saloon as well as a chauffeur-driven limousine.

The exterior of the Phideon has smooth transitions and clear lines, from the energetically forward-leaning front and a sharp shoulder line to the characteristically harmonious coupé sloping roof at the rear. At over five metres in length, the C model is set off to its best advantage with a powerful radiator grille, striking chrome elements and the ambient exterior lighting, which makes its début with this car.

The interior also conveys a sense of luxury: The rear passenger compartment has a genuine lounge character, while Volkswagen has integrated ground-breaking technology in the cockpit, such as the newly developed Active Info Display for a virtual 3D look and the chauffeur mode, which allows the passenger to send information to the infotainment system.

With this sporty saloon car Volkswagen has set its sights on a future in which design and innovative technology are elegantly combined.

Phideon product video: