2017 Mansory GRONOS 6×6 G-Wagen

The Mansory Gronos G-Class goes right into the “Because.. Of Course” folder.

The design upgrades are fairly deep with an all-new face and fresh rear bumper as well.  Much more modern than the factory G-CLass.  But nothing compares with the raw curb appeal.

A truck whose fenders are at eye level needs little upgrade.  And of course, this 6×6 version is an even more capable forebearer to the trendy 4×4-squared.  WIth an extra locking diff there is a big traction advantage in the 6×6.  Its external pickup bed is also a favorite feature among its Falcon-loving owners.

Here are three of the latest Mansory G6x6 creations in 50 photos.  The cabins are even more shouty than the paintwork!  Leather floors are my preferred upgrade in the G-Wagen — and the big M delivers bigtime.

2017 Mansory Gronos 6×6