217mph LUCID Alpha Speed Car + 2018 LUCID Air at Pebble Beach

One of The most promising Tesla-killer of the next year is Lucid Motors.

This beauty is packing up to 1000 horsepower and in its top trim, and a base price of $55k at the bottom.

It is a dead-on hit at the Tesla Model S, but upgraded to sci-fi limo spec.

Fittingly, Lucid brought out their production prototype as well as this road rocket: the Alpha Speed Car.

Wearing wrapped and de-mirrored bodywork and a giant clear plexiglass wing in back, the Lucid Alpha Speed was officially clocked at 217MPH.

This is one fast forward to the future!  The below photos from Anthony and JC show the Lucid Motors twins in the semi-real world of Pebble Beach Concours.

2018 Lucid AIR