MANSORY G-Couture and G63 Soft Upgrades Add Fresh LED Headlight Strakes

mansory g-coutureThe Mansory G-Couture is an absolutely brutal upgrade of the already-militant G-Class — with a huge new bumper and lower body upgrade that is wider, stronger and meaner than ever.

The G63 “Soft” kit is a bit more comfort and style-oriented, and is where the latest Bentley-style LEDs debut their new embedded light elements. Beside these new round lamps are three horizontal white LED strakes behind a new glass shroud. It’s a nice update for the Galendewagen’s well-known style — and matches the lower bumper LEDs and roof LEDs very nicely!

The upgrades lists are very, very extensive. See the 12-page list of upgrades to the G-Couture for below for evidence….!

MANSORY G63 Softmonat_Page_04a monat_Page_04 mansory-g-class-front-three-quarters 2014-Geneva-Motor-Show-Mansory-Mercedes-Benz-G-Class 2014-Mansory-Mercedes-Benz-G-Class-AMG-Gronos 2014-Mansory-Mercedes-Benz-G-Class-AMG-Gronos-Static-2-1920x1200

Mansory_G_Couture_Geneva_02 Mansory_G_Couture_Geneva_01 MANSORY G-Couture and G63 Soft 39 MANSORY G-Couture and G63 Soft 40 MANSORY G-Couture and G63 Soft 3 Mansory_G_Couture_8 Mansory_G_Couture_9

Carbon-fiber wraps are very passe in the highest-fashion circles of supercar owners.

What will take a carbon wrap’s place? Something more authentic, twice as strong as steel or alloy, yet half the weight.

A special weave of copper or silver large-block carbon-fiber is the perfect way to show true flash and near-bullet-proof strength. A CF upgrade is a great blend of fresh elements like the new headlamps, giant widebody and dramatically lower stance.

The result is certainly dramatic and fresh.


136481921493-mansory-mercedes-benz-g-couture-1920x1200-car-wallpaper 07mansorygcouturelive Mansory-Mercedes-G-Klasse-G-Couture-2010-Photo-02 Mansory_G_Couture_6 Mansory_G_Couture_1 Mansory_G_Couture_4 Mansory_G_Couture_5mansory g-couture