2017 BMW M760i – Launch Starts Video + 71 Photos

The new M760 is an instant icon and forever flagship.

Here is a car that defies all physics with its speed.  6.6 chugging liters fed by massive twin turbos.  Both nestled within the perfect V12.

The results on this BMW’s power delivery are breathtaking.  A ripping snort on throttle and a rich, layered bellow from the pipes out back.  601 horsepower and standard LWB spec for the USA market also bring dual silver-bullet technologies.

Tech to make the chassis as long as a yacht, but corner like a gyro.  This comes in the form of xDrive and super-adaptive M suspension.  With a big helping hand played by the integral active steering system.

The result is smoother than S-Class, but shockingly more planted on floored throttle.  The M760i just rams the air ahead hard in first.  Harder in second.  By third the machine is still gaining speed!  This is a car whose 120-mph sprint soars past before most luxury cars have hit sixty.

The adaptive and predictive M air suspension on the M760 is extra special for the firmness it delivers in Sport+ drive mode. The whole chassis hunkers down in your hands.  It gets deeper in feel – thicker, perhaps.  Not heavy in feel.   M760 never feels heavy on the road.

It just becomes a barking savage at half throttle in Sport+.  Smooth but clearly on the verge of explosive propulsion at all times.

Flip to Comfort Plus and the ride goes opposite.  Higher ground clearance, sensors reading the road ahead for predictive cushioning, and effective SMOOTH/HUSHED/RUSH mode.

This is when the details of M760 over the terrific 740 start to make themselves clear.  Every surface is special.  Wrapped in the right material; beckoning a touch every glance.

The 20-way buckets with massage are a delight.  And this is all up front!




Easily one of the world’s best back seats in M760’s second row.  Twin thrones and a central, full-length armrest house a tablet for iDrive control back there, plus twin monitors on the seatbacks in front.

We didn’t have a chance to sample the M760 in chauffeur mode.

But we’d give a years wage to be the chauffeur driving this machine daily!  CHeck out the video for some stunning throttle and speed right after the GoPro Record button clicks on.

Ours would have to black, though!  Other colors besides this launch-special Frozen Bronze are, of course, available.

Salute to the fastest BMW superlimo of all time!

2017 BMW M760i