First Drive – 2018 Audi A5 2.0T S-Line Quattro Coupe


Is Audi doing a greatest-hits album?

You might have asked yourself that upon seeing the new A4/Q5 generations.  In the presale renders, the new cars barely look new.

Then you land them in the flesh.  Deep chisel for the bathtub beltline?  Integrated shut/cut lines and sharper edges all around?  Sharky hoodline and wide, low singleframe.  Even visible open aero channels in the bumper edges.

Yep.  This exec coupe looks hot.  And looks the business for taking on 430i and new Q60.

This test A5 wears the incredibly helpful S-line package with unique bumpers, sills, wheels, cabin and suspension.  This preproduction car also had an upgrade to $900 19-inch alloys versus 18s.

It all worked in the flesh.  All racy silhouette, long doors and stunning cabin/drive experience.

THe video is a good capture of our example’s potent turbo four and playful chassis.  AWD in Quattro guise and drive modes galore, the A5 was a delight along these wet country roads.

We note on the video that the playfulness of the nose feel seems all-new to fast Audi’s.  Very informative, fun and precise around corners.

Coming back and editing the photos of the new A5, we get a strong Camaro vibe??  It didn’t come to mind in person with the machine.  But starts one thinking.  Is this $42k-base machine worth kitting out to $52k versus that price of Camaro?

Hard question.  But one that the A5’s luxury brilliance helps justify.  A5 S-line certainly looks as racy as most musclecars.

Its low 6’s to 60-mph might now wow, but the 5-60-mph blast from the Audi autobox means this A5 will show its taillights to many.

Those new lamps out back now include a sexy, full-width LED lightbar.. a la A7, CLS, 650, Bentleys etc.

New A5 is a huge upgrade inside and from behind the wheel.  See it in person before you say its looks are too evolutionary.

And of course, A5 comes to USA as a coupe, cabrio or sportback.  Awesome drive.

2018 Audi A5 2.0T S-Line Quattro Coupe