Concept Flashback – 2013 Lamborghini EGOISTA

egoistaAs we prepare to be awed by the new Lamborghini Centario concept this week, how about a look back to three years ago.  Same place, same buzz of excitement around a new raging bull of a supercar.

The Egoista certainly shocked crowds as it rumbled onstage.  Otherworldly angles on all sides, a monopisto cockpit layout with jet-fighter orange canopy, and a nose defined by three spikes where cars have always had a flat bumper plane.

The idea of the Egoista was to make the fighter-jet link even more explicit than ever.  Lambo’s sharp angles have long claimed inspiration from stealth-y jets, but this Egoista took the theme to a whole new level.

On the one hand, this Egoista was a Gallardo under the sharp, layered and militaristic design themes outside.  It is hard to know the real functional benefits of many design details in the Egoista, but that was never really the point.

Such an outlandish and frankly unproduce-able design was peak Lambo craziness then — and still is now.  In the best possible way.

The appeal of a one-seater to buyers is questionable, but the shock/awe of the Egoista is beyond reproach.

egoista spoiler

2011 Lamborghini EGOISTA