2017 Jaguar F-Pace S – USA First Drive Review, Video and 140 All-New Photos!



Hopping behind the wheel of SUCH a gorgeous new truck moments after the first examples hit America?

A huge rush.

Crowning an F-Pace arrival with top-spec engine and a hot street style?  A double win.

A Lush, Plush Rush

This truck is double-take inducing in any form.  So low, so lean and so new.  Yet ours is extra special.  Bright white over black everything. 

Gloss-black detailing all around on the test F-Pace S extends to every inch of the car: nose, grilles, wheels, hoodvent, lower accents and the entire windowline is dripping wet gloss.  We’ve captured every angle in a 140-photo mega gallery below.  As you can surely see, the car is sinfully on-trend in its spec choices.

The F-PACE in person is all about its slinky, laid-back proportions.  Heavily rear-drive, zero overhang in front and a low, long roofline all make my heart quiver.  The extended black glasshouse creates a pillarless, one-piece look to the car in profile.  The upright windshield and long, flat hood make this a profile you’ll sit and stare at.  Like fine art.

How about the drive and cabin, though?  EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD!

The F-PACE S drives with a light, balanced and ferocious rear-drive feel at all times.  Its eight-speed and 380-horsepower supercharged six howl out a high-pitched, yet fairly modest, note from the twin pipes out back.  It is much more audible outside the car, however.

Inside, there is a smooth and Germanic rush of revs and shove as the motor kisses its redline in each gear.  The most defining memory we have to share?  A precise, pounce-on-it handling feel and throttle response.  The F-PACE S is AWD as standard in the USA, so it claws into the pavement up front when needed.  Overall though, it always feels light and playful.  Yet terrifically grippy and fast.

Pricing is what should make this a quadruple win for Jaguar.  And so it is.

A base sticker of $57k for the F-PACE S reached $73k with the black pack, luxury/tech/assist etc packs, plus a FitBit-style “AccessKey” for $400.  All money well spent.  The F-PACE really is magnificent.

Grace, space and F_PACE.

We’d like to add:  Lush, Plush Rush.

 2017 Jaguar F-Pace S