2017 Jaguar F-PACE Preview: F-Type Chassis + AWD SUV Stance = Ruthless Macan-Hunter

2017 Jaguar F-PACE Preview F-Type Chassis + AWD SUV Stance = Ruthless Macan-HunterGrace, space and pace is the promise of the new Jaguar F-PACE SUV. The 2017 model will go on sale in 2016, per JLR below, after its debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show in a few weeks.

The truck is looking better and better to our eyes. A slinky and slim glasshouse marries a swoopy SUV shape to the long-hood, chopped-tail appearance of the F-Type two-seater. The combo sounds weird but looks incredible — even covered in various climate testing camo.

Most crucially for a Jaguar that seems back in its styling rut with the firm’s three new sedans, the F-PACE is clearly all-new and clearly unlike any existing Jag. For whatever reason, the XJ and XF designs dated rapidly on the market over the last five years… and the 2016 updates are better, but barely noticeable as new to non-car-lovers.

2016 Jaguar XF

The F-PACE design looks very posh and promising: scaled between the Porsche Macan and Cayenne, the F-Pace’s primary volume competition will be the BMW X5 among global buyers.Jag_FPACE_Cold_Test_Image_290715_03_(113895) copy Jag_FPACE_Cold_Test_Image_290715_02_(113894) copy

We know very little about the tech specs or pricing of the upcoming SUV, nor whether the production variant will continue the semi silly nameplate. XQ-Type and Q-Type are other Jaguar trademarks on the books.

Standard rear-drive is expected, with the new 2.0liter Ingenium turbo petrol or diesel a sure thing for Euro buyers. The US might get the diesel eventually, too, as confirmed by the 2016 XE offering a diesel stateside for the first time.

Main engines and AWD options will come in 340HP or 380HP variants through and eight-speed automatice. A Q-Type R is almost a sure thing a year after the main launch, pushing out at least 550HP to duke it out with the 2017 Jeep GC Traackhawk with rumored 700HP supercharged HEMI.

Topline power will be only half the equation, however. The big promise is for the nimble, dart and playful dynamics of the latest Jag sports cars — just in SUV shape.

The Jaguar SUV cannot arrive soon enough. We hope US buyers do not have to wait too long… but we estimate an August 2016 arrival to US buyers as a 2017 model. Pricing is likely to mirror the XF sedan, but with a $10k bump upward from that car’s ~$50k entry point.

The F-PACE should sticker in the USA from about $58,000 $65,000 for the base model, and up to around $77,000 for the top V6 S. This leaves another $25k for further sports models at or around the magic hundo mark. The cheaper turbo engines may arrive after the initial launch, dropping prices to the high $50’s to start.

2017 Jaguar F-PACE




  • Exceptional ride and handling enabled by Double wishbone and Integral Link suspension
  • Enhanced agility delivered by F-TYPE-derived technologies including Torque Vectoring
  • Electric power-assisted steering gives immediate response and connected feel
  • Unmatched driver engagement and reward

Featuring sports-car derived chassis systems and evaluated on the same demanding roads as all other Jaguar vehicles, the new F-PACE will offer an unrivalled breadth of dynamic ability. This is a performance crossover designed around people who love driving.

The new F-PACE will reward drivers and passengers alike with a blend of agility and comfort that is unlike anything else in the segment. Whether on twisting mountain passes, flowing country roads or high-speed motorway cruising, the new F-PACE delivers responsiveness and precision with exceptional refinement and composure.

“We haven’t made any compromises or exceptions: the new F-PACE had to be a true Jaguar and had to deliver the dynamics DNA.

“We’ve tested ride and handling to the limit in all environments and in all conditions, and the result is that the new F-PACE is as engaging and rewarding to drive as it is comfortable and quiet. As soon as you get into the vehicle you know immediately that it’s a good place to be.”

Mike Cross, Chief Engineer of Vehicle Integrity, JaguarDeveloped using Jaguar’s Lightweight Aluminium Architecture, the new F-PACE is designed to handle with precision and control without sacrificing ride comfort – it’s what makes a Jaguar stand apart from the competition. Taking full advantage of the body structure’s inherently high stiffness, the sophisticated double wishbone front suspension and Integral Link rear suspension provide the best possible starting point: tuned to perfection, they make the new F-PACE incredibly responsive yet also ensure that the impacts, undulations and extreme cambers of even the most challenging roads are handled with ease.The electric power-assisted steering system maintains Jaguar’s leadership in steering. Everything between the steering wheel rim and the tyre contact patch is optimised to ensure that the new F-PACE responds immediately to the slightest input, giving a truly connected feel. Incorporating all of the learning from F-TYPE, the system gives even greater feedback. Combined with the torque vectoring technology first developed for F-TYPE and the torque on-demand all-wheel drive system, the new F-PACE delivers outstanding agility in all weathers and on all surfaces.To make development and testing even more efficient, the vehicle integrity team’s subjective assessments are fed back into the computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools used by the vehicle dynamics CAE team. This improves the models and therefore delivers even better simulation results – and vice-versa. This iterative loop of continuous improvement ensures that prototype vehicles are ever better, benefiting the tuning and assessment process.

  • The world premiere of the Jaguar F-PACE will be at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September
  • The F-PACE is the latest aluminium-intensive Jaguar and will be manufactured in Solihull, UK
  • The F-PACE will go on sale from 2016

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