2018 Jaguar E-Pace – 300HP CUV Pricing and USA Launch Details!

Jumping for joy!

This new Jaguar E-Pace compact SUV is the perfect model for Jag right now.  Hot on the heels of the F-Pace SUV’s knockout launch, this E-Pace is firmly on the way for the 2018 model-year — and even has USA pricing in full included below!  Spoiler alert: it runs from $39k to about $55k.

While the I-Pace name has been linked to a full EV concept from the big cat, this new E-Pace is a close relative.  Sharing a platform and much design and tech, they are both starting assembly in the next six months.

Jaguar is gung-ho on turbo gas models for the E-Pace launch.  Two models making 246 and 296HP are set to be offered.  Sizing is similar to the Range Rover Evoque but with more on-road and performance finesse.

The looks are initially alittle curious.  What is with the overall headlamps and the low-slung grille?  But then its elegance and no-overhang aero look starts to make sense.  Sharing the platform with the I-Pace means the E-Pace is also ultra streamlined — right down to the covered, flat undertray.

Jag shows that and the E-Pace’s racy proportions via a record-setting barrell roll at the launch.  Very cool.

The E-Pace’s arrival is on a rapid timeline – with USA arrivals by January 2018.






E-PACE2.0L I4 AWD, 246HP$38,600
E-PACE S2.0L I4 AWD, 246HP$41,500
E-PACE SE2.0L I4 AWD, 246HP$44,300
E-PACE R-Dynamic S2.0L I4 AWD, 296HP$47,250
E-PACE R-Dynamic SE2.0L I4 AWD, 296HP$50,050
E-PACE R-Dynamic HSE2.0L I4 AWD, 296HP$53,100
E-PACE First Edition2.0L I4 AWD, 246HP$53,550