Top 3 Most Expensive Car Crashes in History!




What’s the one thing that might show up on the local news, home page of YouTube and SportsCenter?

Car crashes.

We never want to see anyone get hurt. But if a crash happens and no one is injured, then the car crash becomes spectacle. Some of us could spend hours on YouTube watching car crashes and still hope a NASCAR crash will show up on ESPN the next day.

One of the downsides of driving an expensive car is that it’ll cost you a lot of money. Even if you don’t drive an expensive car, an accident can still put a dent in your finances.

The Average Car Crash

Before we look at the most expensive car crashes, let’s put the cost in perspective.

The cost for a crash can vary based on certain aspects of the crash, as any good car accident lawyer will tell you. However, a typical crash where no one sustains fatal injuries is well over most people’s annual salary: A car crash costs the average person $15,443 in total costs. These figures include both economic and societal damage. That sounds like a lot, but it will seem like chump change when you see these next ones:

Prius Pileup — $4 million

A Prius started a long pileup. Sounds like a nightmare, right?

That’s what happened on China Road in Yamaguchi, Japan. A Prius caused a domino effect of car crashes between expensive sports cars including a Ferrari, a Testarossa and a Lamborghini. The total damages could be around $4 million, which would certainly be bad news for the owner of the Prius.

The good news is that if you were driving by after the accident, you could get a private car show.

Koenigsegg Agera R — $4.1 Million


You know what’s never a good idea? Drunk driving. You know what’s a slightly worse idea? Drunk driving with a multi-million dollar car.

A man in China known as Mr. Liu completely wrecked his $4.1 million Swedish car in a drunk driving accident. Liu recklessly smashed the car into a sidewalk barrier and spun around a few times on the road. This is why you never drink and drive, folks.

Ferrari 250 GTO — $35 million

When you own a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO worth $35 million, you’d better drive it like it’s the only car you own.

One crash involving this dream car has been reported as the most expensive car crash in history. Although the car is worth $35 million, the cost to repair it is being estimated as much less. However, it will still cost a few million before this vintage vehicle returns to its original prestige.

Drive Carefully

The takeaway? Don’t let a car crash ruin your finances. Always drive carefully and do everything in your power to avoid an accident.


Photo credit: GQ



By Scott Huntington

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