Insider: What To Get A Car Lover Who Has Everything

Christmas is fast approaching which means that now is the time to start thinking about gifts for loved ones.

If you are looking to get something for a car lover who seems that have everything that they need then it can be difficult to know what to buy as you will want to get something that they genuinely like and appreciate. Car enthusiasts can often be difficult to buy for particularly when they are fussy or have every gadget under the sun, but there are a few gift ideas which they are sure to enjoy and will be relevant to their hobby. With this in mind, here are a few suggestions for gift ideas for car lovers:

Racing Experience

Any car enthusiast will certainly love the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a race car as this will deliver a thrilling and blistering driving performance that you cannot get with a regular vehicle. This will certainly be a memorable experience and one that they will never forget so it is sure to be highly appreciated.

Escape Rooms

Following on from this, you will often find that car lovers tend to enjoy experiences more than physical gifts because driving provides them with a thrill. One of the best experiences currently available and one which has become a craze across the world is escape rooms where you are immersed in a unique environment and must solve a sequence of clues to escape the room. These are popping up in cities everywhere and are easy enough to find with a quick search, such as a Cincinnati Escape Room.

Coffee Maker For Car

It might be hard to find a car gadget that they don’t have, and there are plenty of options to choose from, but perhaps the best is a coffee maker for their car. It can all be a bit of a mad rush in the morning which means that you often have to rush a morning cup, but when you have a coffee maker in your car it allows you to enjoy a fresh cup on the road to wake you up each day and make your morning a little easier.

Racing Tickets/Car Exhibition

Another great gift idea for a car lover is tickets to a race or car exhibition. This will be a fantastic day out for them and an experience that you can share together which will make it a special and memorable day for you both.

Car Books

There are thousands of brilliant books on cars including both fiction and non-fiction so you are sure to find a few that they will enjoy reading. A few good examples include:

  • Christine by Stephen King
  • Jackie Stewart’s Principles of Performance Driving
  • Go Like Hell: Ford, Ferrari, and their Battle for Speed & Glory at Le Mans

This may teach them a thing or two about their favorite hobby and since it will take a while for them to finish the book it will provide them with many hours of joy.

Buying gifts for car lovers who seem to have everything can be tricky, but by thinking about what makes them tick you should be able to pick out something that they enjoy whether it is a shared experience or a physical gift.

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