Race to Work in New Bugatti and Lamborghini Office Desks from Design Epicentrum

Design Epicentrum Supercar Office DesksHere is a fun and unique new toy for the boy inside all businessmen!

Full-size office desks with the nose of an iconic supercar sounds like a dream come true. Workmanship is highly detailed and well-executed, with internal grilles, radiators and headlight optics created in detail. Design Epicentrum is the company, with a HQ in Gdańsk, Poland.

The firm is let by Piotr Marek Smolnicki, a cool young guy with engineering, urban planning and industrial design degrees.

The cars available are the Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghini Murcielago or Lamborghin Gallardo. Individual colors and some customization is available — with a commensurate rise in price, naturally.

The desks are the real deal at getting work done, however. A glass second shelf on the Murcielago desk of the video walkaround below looks even cooler next to the gelcoat blue paint of the Lambo’s nose.

These are a luxury item – with no sticker rate or online ordering. Contact info to place your order is available on Design Epicentrum’s website, linked below.

Pricing for the Lamborghini desk is $15,800, up to $22,800 for the Veyron throne.

 Design Epicentrum Supercar Office DesksDesign Epicentrum Supercar Office Desks - Bugatti Veyron 2-vert

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