RM Monterey 2015 Preview – 1973 Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R Kenmeri

1973 Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R KenmeriSucceeding the first-gen Hakosuka Skyline GT-R was this iconic Ken & Mary (or ‘Kenmeri’ for short) two-door. With a far more workmanlike profile than the same-year 240Z, the 2000 GT-R did all it could mechanically to be a legitimate sports-car. The legend of this upswept C-pillar shape speaks for itself, with this Skyline one of the best-loved Japanese cars ever made.

Do not let the completely-original stance fool you into thinking this is just some retro nerd-mobile. With a lowered stance, this Skyline GT-R is instantly recognizable from 1000 paces as a supercar hero.

 1973 Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R Kenmeri1973 Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R Kenmeri 6-vert


RM Sotheby’s


14-15 August 2015

1973 Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-R ‘Kenmeri’

Without Reserve

  • Chassis no. KPGC110-000127