McLaren Senna by Novitec makes all the right noises and looks wickedly awesome [Video]

When McLaren first released the Senna a few years ago, it was supposed to be the defacto paradigm for what a modern supercar should be, while also paying tribute to legendary F1 driver Ayrton Senna. With the impressive levels of down force, slick styling, and the potent performance that the base Senna brings to the table, the last thing many folks would say is that it needs more power. Obviously, this memo did not reach the folks at German tuning firm Novitec who have added their magic to this already impressive vehicle.

This first and look comes from Youtube user Shmee who recently visited Novitec’s headquarters to spend some time with the tricked out Senna. At first glance, the Novitec Senna does not look that much different from the standard model, with the bulk of the upgrades being focused on adding 100 extra horsepower to the engine, race wheels, as well as a new exhausts system. But look closer, and the greater sum of its parts do indeed become apparent, with Novitec aiming to transform the tweaked Mclaren into a complete package versus focusing on only one particular category. While the increased muscle and the slick wheels are welcome touches, the exhausts system is the true party piece here. The sound from the pipes is very reminiscent of a GT3 racecar, and in addition to the sweet soundtrack, they are made out of Inconel. This material is an alloy of chromium and nickel, and is typically reserved for the aerospace industry due to its extreme heat tolerance. This thermal toughness allows the exhausts to be thinner and lighter than standard units, which in turn plays a key role in reducing weight.

When all of its modifications are factored together, they help the Senna be much quicker on the track, with the Novitec variant being faster to 62 mph by a tenth of a second, and a whopping three tenths quicker to 124 mph. While these figures might not seem like much of an increase, every second counts in a track focused weapon, and we think that Novitec has managed to make an already desirable supercar even more compelling, and that should please well heeled buyers looking for the penultimate in McLaren road car performance.