McLaren Senna by Novitec makes all the right noises and looks wickedly awesome [Video]

When McLaren first released the Senna a few years ago, it was supposed to be the defacto paradigm for what a modern supercar should be, while also paying tribute to legendary F1 driver Ayrton Senna. With the impressive levels of down force, slick styling, and the potent performance that the base Senna brings to the table, the last thing many folks would say is that it needs more power. Obviously, this memo did not reach the folks at German tuning firm Novitec who have added their magic to this already impressive vehicle. This first and look comes from Youtube user …

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Could This Be The Long Rumored McLaren Senna LM? New Evidence Emerges Via Social Media

McLaren is typically very predictable when it comes to the way it unveils its Ulitmate series of supercar offerings. For those that need a brief recap, the Ultimate series is designed to push the envelope of performance, and the models in this series often incorporate many race proven technologies into their designs. The first of these offerings was the legendary McLaren F1 which helped define the 1990s, and it gave birth to the track only McLaren F1 GTR. Per racing regulations at the time, that beast spawned the road legal McLaren F1 LM. This continued with the P1, with McLaren …

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WIld McLaren Elva Is A $1.69 Million Dollar Guilty Pleasure, Has No Roof Or Windows

McLaren‘s Ultimate Series typically focuses on a distinct theme, with each model being a wild interpretation of earth shattering performance and spine tingling styling. While the Senna showcased the futuristic extremes that McLaren stylists were willing to go to please their customers, this time, McLaren chose to take its inspiration from the past, with the unveiling of the all new Elva roadster. The Elva nameplate itself is a thoughtful nod to the original McLaren -Elva M1A of the 1960’s which proved to be a worthy contender in many European track races. Like the car that it’s based on, the revived …

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McLaren Senna Amelia Island 22

2019 McLaren SENNA – Design Walkaround Gallery & Video – Amelia Concours Highlight

There are so many wild design elements in the McLaren Senna that we discovered four or five never-before-seen details hidden in this track-attack aero design. The most notable design theme and element is the flow-through of air. The fenders front and rear feature massive venturi tunnels and air channels aimed at maximizing grip through downforce. Everywhere you look you find more slices in the design aimed at pulling or pushing air and heat away from the heart of the beast. This livery of owner Paul Orwicz pays homage to Ayrton Senna’s Brazilian heritage with yellow and green details over lacquered …

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Ferrari F8 Tributo 3

2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo Shows Sharp Aero Brutalism is Back

There are a hell of a lot of very soft and rounded corners on the new F8 Tributo to call it a sharp or brutal design. But that is what it is — the first appearance of flat-plane angles and crisp aero detailing since perhaps the F40.  Slices of horizontal white LEDs for main lighting are intense and so serious it hurts. A jutting chin-piece cuts the air up even before it reaches the sharky hood edge. Swirls of intake shaping like a waterslide shove air into lower edge intakes to feed additional radiators and supply the brakes with cold …

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2019 McLaren SENNA GTR – Best of Goodwood Festival of Speed 2018

The McLaren Senna is already such an insanely aggressive and unique new hypercar.  Its looks instantly make the entire Lambo and Ferrari lineups seem hopelessly dated. The raw energy from these sliced and diced panels hardly needed a racing upfit.  But here we are. This Senna GTR is absolutely shocking in its design brutality. The functional nature of the aero additions are makes them even more interesting and beautiful to the eye. Check out this nose — not just the usual surfboard chin splitter here, oh no. What they’ve done is remove any air-blocking flat surfaces from the nose.  What …

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33 - 8628-McLaren+Senna_scene+2

2018 McLaren SENNA – P15 Ultimate Series is Raw Purists Special

McLaren’s P1 successor is here and it is shocking, to say the least. An unfinished looking cutjob of a design statement is actually on purpose.  Senna escews beauty in favor of raw, purist principles.   Dimensions shink-wrap the driver, as does the open-air cockpit with glass doors.  Fully free-standing front fenders make a slice of air to wrap the cockpit and the reverse + scoop vents ahead and behind the butterfly doors. Light weight, strict aero and performance like a trackbound rocket.  Check out the first photoset and official details from McLaren below.   2018 McLaren SENNA The McLaren Senna: the …

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1986 Lotus 98T/3 F1 Car of Ayrton Senna – Animated 3D Cutaway by Roy Scorer, Tech Illustrator Extraordinaire

  Ed’s Intro:  Please welcome a brilliant new contributor: Roy Scorer. Roy shares a detailed, step-by-step demonstration of his artistic process here — and it is a fascinating display, indeed! Why is this all so special?  Let’s zoom out for a moment, and know that even in 2016 and with unlimited processing power… 3D ‘cutaway’ technical illustrations of a car’s engine, chassis and mechanicals are all done by hand.  CAD-CAM etc is lovely for surface details, but is singular in that purpose.  To actually “see” inside a car takes near-surreal understanding of every component, from every angle.  Even after photographing …

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