Concept Debrief – 2007 Land Rover LRX

THe LRX today is kindof a non-event to view — simply because we are all so familiar with the production Range Rover EVOQUE’s design.  They are dead ringers for one another.

But in 2007 when this stunning design vision rolled onstage, it was unlike any green oval truck ever before.

Simply magnificent in its chunky, low and sporty proportions…. the LRX also evolved the tech-intense appeal of the LR and RR brands.  Monoblock surfacing all looks milled from solid billet steel — broken up only for ultra-slim and advanced LEDs and a blacked-out, low-roof glasshouse.lrx

The production Evoque would appear a few short years later — to record-breaking launch sales and even a repositioning up from LR and into the RR world.  It was decided that this truck was so stunning, it should be produced alongside the tired and wretched LR2.

Keeping the old model in production was certainly a smart way to maximize volume and profit margins!

Few concepts of this generation have been so accurately made real for the road. That is no fluke. The design of the LRX Concept is what made that possible.   Production-friendly details and proportions…. but wrapped in a hyper-modern, ultra-cool new suit.

2007 Land Rover LRX Concept