Could This Be The Long Rumored McLaren Senna LM? New Evidence Emerges Via Social Media

McLaren is typically very predictable when it comes to the way it unveils its Ulitmate series of supercar offerings. For those that need a brief recap, the Ultimate series is designed to push the envelope of performance, and the models in this series often incorporate many race proven technologies into their designs. The first of these offerings was the legendary McLaren F1 which helped define the 1990s, and it gave birth to the track only McLaren F1 GTR. Per racing regulations at the time, that beast spawned the road legal McLaren F1 LM. This continued with the P1, with McLaren engineers creating the P1 GTR and the P1 LM in the same vein. It appears that this is also the case for the Senna, but if a few pictures from the world of Instagram are indeed a new derivative of this car, it appears that McLaren is taking a new approach to the way it is unveiling the LM.

What is known is that the Senna is indeed due for this next stage of evolution, with the Senna GTR being unleashed to the world back in 2018. But unlike those prior models, it appears that McLaren is quietly distributing the Senna LM to dealerships, with McLaren Glasgow (a prominent McLaren dealership in England) posting a few pictures of a mysterious Senna on its Instagram page. Calling it the Senna Le Mans Edition, this particular Senna appears to be far more aggressive looking than its regular counterpart, with a new set of race ready wheels, and new cooling vents in the fender. The figurative calling card here is the LM badges which are all over this grey and orange example.

While McLaren Glasgow’s suite of pictures is arguably the most compelling evidence yet of this model, it does follow on the heels of several other reports that suggest the LM is already being distributed to McLaren showrooms worldwide, with The Super Car Blog highlighting an all orange example that also made an appearance at an unnamed dealership. That car has the same rims, and we also suspect it also has the same appointments as the car in Glasgow.


For its part, McLaren has remained silent on the official existence of the Senna LM, but we look forward to hearing more from the British supercar maker soon, especially in regards to some of the hidden surprises that could be lurking underneath its functionally stylish flanks.