Hypercar Heroes – 2009 Mercedes-McLaren SLR Still Brings the HEAT Up Close!

The SLR might be out of the limelight these days, but the facts and curb appeal of this hypercar still stand PROUD!

Came across this magnificent machine at Cars and Coffee near Charleston, SC today.  The presence of the SLR is insane: its proportions are surreal: Much wider and Much lower than you are imagining. The giant intakes form the full-width nose’s lower jawline nicely, while the pointing silver arrowhead bulges up from the badge acros the hood with intense depth. All carbon-fiber means the unit itself is featherlight. Despite opening up at the front, the closing process is just as exotic: close the rear with two clasps at the back, then snap it closed via a shove in the front.  Clearly, great forces at play when this SLR passes 220-mph near its Vmax!

Also shockingly sexy and fresh?  The gullwing doors!  Stunningly light action for opening and closing these: explained again by the nearly metal-free structure of this race-Benz.

2009 Mercedes-McLaren SLR