Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG in Satin Red Chrome Wrap by FOLIEN EXPERTE


a45 amg red foil wrap


This is one of the best-looking wraps we have seen in years. What started as a semi-DIY matte black wrapping trend has evolved rapidly in the last decade.

The latest wraps use super sophisticated, multi-later materials to create a satin, shimmery effect that is virtually impossible to do with paint. For the rich, lustrous red to pop so well on the A45 AMG is testament to the new materails scientists at 3M, but also to the skilled industry wrapping has spawned.

Where the original wraps were tough to apply with flawless, OEM-level production values — the technique could be mastered with some trial and error. Plus a heat gun, razors and fanatic attention to details.

The new foil wraps are much trickier. They really need an expert to avoid wrinkling, too much stretch, surface flaws or panel-gap sloppiness. Generally, both bumpers and numerous body panels are partially removed to do a pro-quality wrap — bringing material up and around the inner bumper and panel lips. Shortcuts abound — but will never look as good or last as long as one done right the first time.

Luckily, even the priciest foil wrap and gurus like Germany’s Folien Experte cost a fraction of the ‘frozen’ or ‘satin matte’ paint options on exotics. Bentley and Lamborghini alone charge $25k-plus for a these new paints.

By comparison, the Darmstadt-based Folien Expert is terrific value. Headquartered south of Frankfurt toward Stuttgart, the team specializes in full-serve upgrades. They will even collect and drop off your car after its transformation!



Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG by FOLIEN EXPERTE


August 2015


Since 2007, Car-Wrapping has been besides a wide range of services bread and butter of Darmstadt based company Folien Experte. The team headed by Oliver BECKER in cooperation with many other partner companies deals with exact implementation of apparently still complicated customer wishes. Consequently, the result of consciously very high standards regarding the quality of own work is at least the same high customer satisfaction.

The team of Folien Experte shows in a whole new light A-class A45 AMG „doped“ from AMG with 360 hp (= 265 kW) from almost two litres displacement, fully foliated in matt chrome red (for 4.200,00 euro), with chassis optimization by means of 3 KW-coilover suspension (for 3.000,00 euro) as well as wheel and tyre combination of Brabus Monoblock F in 8,5×19 with Pirelli P-Zero in 235/35R19 (for 4.500,00 euro). The prices noted here are gross prices.

Of course, the team of Folien Experte performs vehicle wraps both on the company premises with pick-up and delivery service and corresponding to the existing premises on-the-spot at the customer‘s. For the customers who give their vehicle in the care of Darmstadt experts, upon request a complete highlight weekend is organized in Darmstadt or in Frankfurt, 30 km away. Flexibility is a trump card!

The benefits of vehicle wraps find more and more individual admirers. An increasing number of companies task firm Folien Experte to make their fleet vehicles “distinctive” prior to delivery, directly at the vehicle manufacture. On the other hand, Oliver BECKER offers also the service of residue-free “retrofitting”, regardless of who has applied the film.

Folien Experte has additionally improved performance (PP-Performance). This includes chip tuning, race filters, Catless kit and sports exhaust system. For the price of 7.117,00 euro, it catapults the performance of the serial A45 360 hp to merciless 435 hp. For additional 498.00 euro there is a warranty (12 months) and TÜV-expertise.

For more information about this optimized A45 AMG or more information about a great variety of Hessen service offers, please contact directly

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