Design Talent Showcase – 2025 McLaren Monaco – Front-Engine GT By Nathan Malinick

On the eve of McLaren’s latest road car reveal at Villa d’Este tomorrow — here is a masters-thesis design project from a rising star of the car business. Its premise? A front-engine GT car from McLaren.  Named the Monaco, nearby where Macca will unveil their cushiest road car yet. But this concept is no strategic counterpoint. This design was finalized last year so it is just a delightful convergence of ideas in the motor universe.  From the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, to Woking, and back. “I finished this project before the release of the McLaren Speedtail last fall …

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Polaris Unveils Slingshot Grand Touring Trim, Updates For 2019 Lineup

The Polaris Slingshot has certainly made waves since it was first unleashed on the world several years ago. It has done a good job turning heads wherever it goes, and has even played a role in revamping existing legislation on motorcycle licensing in many states (This author’s home state of Michigan included.) But are you the type of enthusiast that desires more comfort, technology, and a dash more practicality? If so, Polaris has the perfect Slingshot for you. Dubbed the “Grand Touring” this special Slingshot is the new range topping model in the Slingshot model lineup, with the SLR trim …

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RM Arizona 2017 Highlight – 2009 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722S Roadster

Is the SLR over the hump for hypercars?  You know, the one where it is too new to be a classic, but too dated to be sexy next to the latest Chiron Bugatti. Perhaps not the SLR Coupe.  But this SLR 722S Roadster is looking stunning again in 2017.  The fact that this is the ragtop helps.  And that this McMerc is not just a 722, but the 722S!  This was the last of the run and featured unique, upsized dark alloys and special satin Crystal Antimony Grey paintwork.  The carbon splitter in front sets the serious tone this 3.6-second supercar …

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2009 Mercedes-McLaren SLR 42

Hypercar Heroes – 2009 Mercedes-McLaren SLR Still Brings the HEAT Up Close!

The SLR might be out of the limelight these days, but the facts and curb appeal of this hypercar still stand PROUD! Came across this magnificent machine at Cars and Coffee near Charleston, SC today.  The presence of the SLR is insane: its proportions are surreal: Much wider and Much lower than you are imagining. The giant intakes form the full-width nose’s lower jawline nicely, while the pointing silver arrowhead bulges up from the badge acros the hood with intense depth. All carbon-fiber means the unit itself is featherlight. Despite opening up at the front, the closing process is just …

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2015 Rolls-Royce WRAITH Inspired by Film Special Edition 4-tile

2015 Rolls-Royce WRAITH Inspired by Film Edition Celebrates Frozen Moment BFI Inductee

    When a 2-minute launch movie for a car is inducted into the British Film Institute National Archive, you know it must be something special. Both the car and those magical two minutes of cinema are indeed quite special, breathtaking and goose-bump-inducing. The premise of the film ‘And the World Stood Still’ is a man piloting his Wraith through an enchanted, steaming forest when he comes across the living incarnation of the Spirit of Ecstasy badge. For one fleeting, frozen moment, the two have an ethereal bond that is at once serene, lust-filled and slightly fraught with danger. Thematically, the film shows …

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MANSORY Renovatio

MANSORY Renovatio Makes Even The Tired SLR Sexy Again

      If you had told me a year ago that I would like any Mercedes SLR McLaren, I would have spit out my drink in shock. The same goes for Mansory, if I am being honest. But we’re indeed quite fond of Mansory’s work these days, and even admire their SLR Renovatio. MANSORY Renovatio  

SLR 722 gif

Hypercar Heroes – 2009 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 Stirling Moss

How time flies! The calendar seems to be moving faster than ever in 2014 — only five years since the 75 hand-made SLR McLaren models left Woking in 722 Stirling Moss trim. A speedster without a windshield or any attempt at a convertible top, the stunning machine could reach a true 219-mph. Only the brave need apply — which is the perfect homage to Sir Stirling Moss’s racing achivements during his career. These include winning the Mille Miglia for Mercedes-Benz — but Moss also raced for Maserati and Porsche during his reign. The inspiration and celebration of Stirling Moss is, …

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Cut48 SLR gif header1 Adds Gloss to McLaren-Mercedes SLR With True Blue Foil Wrap

All these sexy car wraps on amazing German supercars is making me want to wrap my own Subie back home in America! A nice gloss white?! Martini Racing stripes? Stay tuned… Until then, you will not believe how fresh and sexy the McLaren-Mercedes SLR looks with this lovely blue foil wrap from Cut48 Premium Car Wraps. The gloss black wheels and lower trims really make the selected color pop out from the page. Looking at the car as new, its proportions and huge power really are visible once again — after years of silver paint made the SLR curb appeal …

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Short-Term Supercar? AMG SLS GT Final Edition Fails To Excite

The AMG SLS has been a huge hit for a number of reasons. Primarily, it created a halo supercar for the Mercedes-Benz line-up just as the messy McLaren partnership was coming to a close. Even better? The car cost a fraction of the SLR’s price – both to build and in terms of engineering pride. By engineering the SLS in-house, nearly from scratch: AMG proved itself worthy of additional product development responsibilities and able to handle a car’s creation from almost start to finish. But the SLS has always burned very, very hot. Since its arrival in 2009 as a …

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