2014 Skoda Superb Outdoor and VisionC Concept for Geneva Causing Some Angular Euro Style Envy…

Skoda is becoming a real asset for the Volkswagen Group. Bought for a song as the Czech firm was failing in the 1980s — Skoda now commands a quite sizable market share in Europe’s most profitable markets.

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Skoda’s core selling points have really been popular among anti-fashion consumers. People who (claim to) value a vehicle for its merits, value and durability versus a fleeting style. Skoda is also a surprise, run-away success story in China.


The latest cars from Skoda seem to take the next step in the brand’s evolution: a cheaper, more avant-garde ethos than even Audi can manage these days.

20142026_SKODA_VisionC_front 20140226_SKODA_VisionC_rear

Skoda is fast fashion cars at its core — But SEAT is closing the gap really quickly. See the full Fast Fashion article link below.



This Concept C shows the way for a future Passat CC-sized model for the Skoda range that is currently topped by the LWB Passat-derived Superb — which gains a new Outdoor trim for the Geneva show as well.

Skoda Superb Outdoor

The_new_-KODA_Superb_-KODA_UK_41673 The_-KODA_Superb_Outdoor_-KODA_UK_51584

Official details below from Skoda.


SKODA VisionC GIF Geneva

‘ŠKODA VisionC’ design concept – The next stage in the ŠKODA model campaign


  • Evolution: ŠKODA VisionC – the next stage in the development of ŠKODA design language
  • Design: Expressive, dynamic, confident, emotional
  • Concept: ŠKODA develops its first five-door coupé chassis
  • Characteristic of ŠKODA: Design meets functionality – Coupé with large hatch
  • Technology: Modern modular technology, low weight and optimized aerodynamics for responsible individual mobility
  • Environment: already meet the stringent EU2020 emissions standard using conventional technology – 91g CO2/km

Mladá Boleslav, 27 February 2014 – As a part of the most comprehensive model campaign in the brand’s history, ŠKODA is renewing and expanding its model range. The design language of the dynamic and elegant five-door coupé ‘ŠKODA VisionC‘ introduces the next evolutionary step in ŠKODA design: The design is becoming more expressive, dynamic and emotional and underpins the dawn of the brand. At the same time the five-door coupé concept demonstrates the possibilities in innovative and emotional chassis design.


For more than 100 years, ŠKODA has been manufacturing cars with high demands on design. ŠKODA is once again emphasising the traditional brand’s expertise in design and engineering through the ‘ŠKODA VisionC‘ design concept.

“We are signalling the next stage in the evolution of ŠKODA’s design language with ‘ŠKODA VisionC‘, and thus highlighting the dawn of the brand.  The vehicle demonstrates the company’s outstanding design and engineering expertise, and underpins the dynamism and value of one of the world’s longest-established automotive companies.” says Prof. Dr. h.c. Windried Vahland, ŠKODA CEO.


As a five-door coupé, the ‘ŠKODA VisionC‘ features a new expressive, dynamic and emotional design language. The interplay of soft, slightly contoured, concave and convex surfaces, as well as sharp, precise lines creates an immediate impact. The surfaces and proportions demonstrate clear arrangement and a striking interaction of light and shadow. The front has an air of confidence and energy, and the tailgate adds an element of surprise, accentuated with a radical conclusion.


In addition to its creative ambition, the ‘ŠKODA VisionC‘ impressively demonstrates the ŠKODA engineers’ concept of ingenuity; design, engineering, space, functionality and the emotional coupé shape combine in compelling unity. The ‘ŠKODA VisionC‘ provides plenty of room for four people and their luggage.


The large boot and excellent loading capacity are characteristic of ŠKODA. Modern MQB technology, approaching series-produced drive systems, low weight and optimized aerodynamics also demonstrate the high potential of responsible individual mobility.

Under the bonnet, we find a CNG/petrol bivalent 1.4 TSI/81 kW turbo engine. On natural gas, the vehicle consumes a mere 3.4 kg or 5.1 m3 CNG per kilometre, equating to CO2 emissions of only 91 g/km. ŠKODA has made a huge leap in demonstrating that even attractive mid-class vehicles can meet the stringent EU2020 COemissions standard with today’s conventional drive technology.

SKODA VisionC GIF Geneva