Update1 – Teaser Images Only – KIA GT4 Stinger Coupe to Pack 315HP Turbo

Update1: This article has been updated to remove some amateur renderings of the rear-drive coupe ahead of its show debut today.

The real thing looks AMAZING!

Kia is building buzz around the debut of its first RWD performance coupe with a new teaser image and an official name: the GT4 Stinger.

KIA GT4 Stinger Coupe to Pack 316HP Renderings GIF

That is an aggressive badge, and one that leaves room for this car to compete with the Ford Mustang or Subaru BRZ at one end, or perhaps even the BMW M6 on the top end.

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The Stinger GT4 is more likely to hit the market with a $32,000 price point to match its 316-horsepower turbo four powerplant. The car looks unusual so far, but the two teaser images have been deliberately obscure.

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Highlights include twin stacks of LED bulbs at the outer edge of the forward grille face, which is very different from the swept-back headlamps shown in the exclusive renderings below.

Adding light and digitally enhancing the teasers also reveals a bit more detail about this fastback shape.

CarRevsDaily.com - KIA GT4 Stinger Coupe 5

There are echoes of the Audi R8 up front, but strong hints of the Porsche 911 Carrera from the top, or plan, view.

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Very enticing, and with a name like GT4 Stinger, this Kia could be a fantastic Nurburgring racing platform as well.

Official Kia Teaser Images


Exclusive CarRevsDaily.com – Speculative Renderings

Official Release from Kia below.

Behold, the Kia GT4 Stinger…

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Kia faithful will immediately notice the latest iteration of the signature grille resting mere inches from the ground.  The surround glows white and is flanked by vertical LED headlamps. Front-brake cooling vents funnel air around custom 20-inch wheels. A carbon fiber front splitter mounted below the bumper provides added downforce for the car and keeps the GT4 Stinger’s front tires firmly planted to the tarmac.

Under the hood you ask?  A turbocharged 2.0-liter that pumps 315 horsepower to the rear wheels.

More to come.  Stay tuned.

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