4.0s 2015 KTM X-Bow R Limited Edition by WIMMER RST

Just three of these very special KTM crossbowes will be made as a special performance model by German KTM distributor Wimmer Racing.

Power is up by 80 ponies to 380 in total, dropping acceleration times comfortably into the 4’s via a new engine tine, carbon intake elements, and sports turbo upgrades.

The X-Bow R wears a few of the tastiest KTM factory options, including a full aero underbody with extreme new diffusers and splitters. Plus the downforce package from a shockingly huge new wing in back.


2015 KTM X-Bow R Limited Edition by WIMMER RST


Besides serial data optimization (chip tuning), WIMMER Racing Sports Techniques also all other areas of measurable car performance uprating are core business of the Solingen Company. The racing sports exhaust systems of own production, chassis techniques and sports brakes and clutches are daily challenge to keep and to improve service quality. The company own performance test stand allows graphical documentation of indeed reached total power improvement measurements. The Solingen tuning experts fit the data optimally to a lot of power improving features under most modern conditions with company own software.

As well known, WIMMER RST is also the German retailing partner and type A dealer of KTM Sportcar GmbH, offering in this capacity a.o. the KTM X-Bow R Limited Edition in small series consisting of three exemplars. The matter here is of the absolute premium league original KTM-X-Bow model 2015 with a lot of special features. The racing car with road approval is a full carbon fiber extreme driving machine with 380 HP and 500 Nm after Wimmer power “cure” (serial power 300 HP and 400 Nm) at 790 kgs of weight only. The resulting acceleration from 0 to 100 kmph (0 to 50 mph) within 3.3 seconds is adventure feeling pure, 0-200 kmph (0 to 120 mph) within 11.2 seconds…

The ultra light and, in the same time, carbon fiber made high-strength auxiliary parts, such as rear wings and spoilers, air guiding elements, aero-parts around the exhaust unit, racing wheel caps, KTM Performance kit no. 2 with carbon fiber air box and racing sports underbody in aluminum composite, including front splitter and rear diffuser, lend the bolide an at all particular look.

As tires have been chosen mounted on Taneisya forged rims Toyo semi slicks. The KTM racing chassis with expansion tank and adjustable prestress of traction and compression stage, distance discs on rear axle, Brembo sports braking system with fixed caliper and adjustable brake bias for most extreme braking performance, “R”-specifically reinforced stabilizers, suspension arms, gear box performance support and adjustable push rods make the X-Bow R really “glue” on asphalt.

The CNC milled gearshift serves to chose the shortened gear steps in the reinforced gearbox, where at the KTM shift travel reduction helps additionally.

As specialized manufacturer of stainless steal sports exhaust systems, WIMMER RST, of course, strives to make optimizations also in this area, in fact with a black two stage KTM exhaust system.

Safety aspects have been also materialized by means of monocoque and crash box. Other no less interesting details are: Air guiding elements, light construction racing panels in the specific “R-design”, Keyless Go with two radio remote keys, KTM side drops, complete car cover interior, aerodynamics kit no. 2 (air flaps and flics), navi-system holder, racing water pump, additional gear box oil cooler Racing type, big fuel pump in the tank, big high performance pump and, finally, the racing draft shield. As we can see, WIMMER RST has drawn on nearly unlimited sources. Nothing leaves to be desired – nor in fields of techniques, neither in view of the optics.

For a price of 99,999 Euro you can take place in one of the Recaro Premium Racing seats, take the real leather made steering wheel in your hands and feel extreme driving fun. For more information concerning KTM X-Bow R Limited Edition and the whole product portfolio of the Solingen Company, please contact directly

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Photos: Jordi Miranda