Car Junk? LED Emblems Arriving from Major OEMs – not just Ebay

I love buying ridiculous things for my car. As long as it can theoretically be removed *when* it breaks, and costs less than $20:

I am usually ready with a Visa in hand.

LED Subaru badge CarRevsDaily Animated GIF99

What do I mean? I buy really trashy stuff.

In upcoming articles, I am trying to think of a way to write about fake Brembo caliper covers ($4.00/set), and also this trippy LED stick-on banner equalizer that dances to music.

Yes, it sticks on your back windshield, and matches the rythym of whatever is on your stereo.

This is not some “Ha ha look at them” article.

I own that thing! It is in the garage somewhere!

Not being used… but for so little cash, it’s a pretty fun 12V accessory.

Car Junk1111

But is all this Car Junk really throw-away stuff?

One thing in my back catalog of ridiculous car personalization purchases is my LED-lit Subaru emblem.

These things are great: they come in all the brand shapes, and usually in your choice of white or blue. GET THE WHITE!

After many iterations, I am pleased with its current appearance. It looks nice on the roads, and matches my ridiculously-DIY LED headlights.

Note: these are old photos from 2010 I believe. Car looks slightly different now, with larger Subaru emblem from 2010+ Legacy, and a larger white LED back-light.

LED Subaru badge CarRevsDaily Animated GIF

LED emblems are making their way to the mainstream, with Mercedes-Benz offering an illumated star – and many more on the way from Infiniti and others.

8252511107_27d6914d38_o 8215406235_fbddd477b1_o

There are certain sizes for the rear emblems too: and these are pretty snazzy. They come on with the lights and are just a white or blue glow for the badge. But them when you hit the brakes: the emblem goes red too.

Silly yes.

But Fun? Yes.

Next time on Car Junk?

The DIY LED Lightbar…

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