Top 10 SUPRA-Tastic Design Details – Toyota FT-1 Concept + 88 NEW Photos

NEW FT-1 photos?  Yes



We posted these originally on laptop in Santa Cruz, and the results were iffy.  So we went back to the originals, starting again and bringing the FT-1’s details to high-res glory!

The most striking things about the FT-1 in person are its captivating beauty, extremely long-hooded proportions, and intense aero detailing.

A stunning car. Let’s appreciate its top 10 design details from up close.

  1. The design of the FT-1 is visibly alive.  Functional ventwort in a dozen places around all side brings the wild, swooping fenders and hood into sharp relief.  The aero cuts and ground-effect details make the FT-1 come to life.  In isolation, the gorgeous rising beltline and side intake are a great example of complex, next-gen design.  The car looks solid from afar, but mean and lean muscles chiseled up close.    Think of it as a carved-out masterpiece — with functional aero benefits too.

  2. Particularly striking?  The nose, of course. The central pillar is vastly cooler in person, that’s for sure!  The FT-1 is so, so low and long that its nosecone barely reaches your knees. The fans inside both nostrils are gorgeously detailed.

  3. The headlight units themselves are exposed LED laser lenses, while the lower radiator fans are event more prominent on version two of the car versus version one.

  4. Next, the clear-view upper hood!  Another striking observation that we missed on the red Detroit debut car? The FT-1 is a 2+2!  There are rear seats and a rear strut-tower brace visible on this Pebble Beach car — which is one of the most popular on the concept lawns that also house the P1 GTR and many other one-off beauties.ft1 silver glasshouse

  5. Then, the wild roofline graphic. It is insanely low and sleek, with blacked-out A-pillars making a future-tech Stig visor.

  6. Then the roof.  What?  Wild embedded creases make a double bubble roof, in crisp form. There is a striking roofline accent right above the doors. Gorgeous somehow.

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