2015 ZAGATO Mostro Is Custom Carbon Supercar Aimed at GT3 Drivers

 2015 zagato mostro

A very exciting reveal this weekend in Lake Cuomo!

Zagato has graced the Villa d’Este COncours with their latest creation: the Mostro powered by Maserati.

Honoring ten decades of Maserati Zagato specials and the 1957 ‘Monster’ in particular, this exotic supercar design is being produced and sold to five pre-selected customers.

The car is built on a carbon tub with a front-mounted Maserati V8 engine, believed to be the 4.7-liter, dry-sumped screamer from the GranTurismo lineup.

Power is sent to the back wheels via a rear-mounted six-speed transaxle. Double wishbones and 19-inch wheels round out the simplistic and race-car-like tech approach of the Mostro.

This wing leaves no doubt as to the Mostro’s second mission: to excel in the FIA GT3 class. Whether any will go racing remains tbd, but the lucky handful of owners will receive their new beast around the end of 2015.

The design is shockingly streamlined, with nary a crease to interrupt the ultra-rounded flow of the Mostro’s all-carbon panels. Flying wings up front extend beyond the oval front grille dramatically, housing the glass-topped and flush-mounted lighting. The style is pure 1950s, but the tech and proportions are firmly 2015 and beyond.2015 ZAGATO Mostro Is Custom Carbon Supercar Aimed at GT3 Drivers Quattroroute 2015 Zagato Mostro photos 10 0_Mostro-Zagato-2015_6 0_Mostro-Zagato-2015_5 0_Mostro-Zagato-2015_4

Around back, simple slits and rounded cuts in the bodywork house sunken LED brake lamps and a serious diffuser/exhaust combination near the lower edge of the car.

Italian car magazine QuattroRoute nailed a massive photo shoot of the car — with some of the coolest shots included, and the rest to be found over at the below link.


2015 ZAGATO Mostro


Mostro powered by Maserati at the 2015 Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este

Cernobbio, May 2015.

The Mostro powered by Maserati is the latest creation of Zagato’s
current Iconic decade, a new tradition for the atelier that began at the end of coachbuilder’s
Neoclassical period (2000-2010) to celebrate the most iconic models of automotive history.
Marking the delivery of the first customer car, Zagato will present the new Mostro as a
world premiere at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este.

In 2010, Andrea and Marella Zagato launched a project to celebrate 100 years of Alfa
Romeo and it materialized into the Alfa Romeo TZ3 Corsa, a one-off, and then nine
multiples of the TZ3 Stradale (road car) followed. Inspired by current trends in the
automotive industry, these models initiated a new outflow of cars from the atelier, which
has recognized some car models as icons on their own, at times bearing more importance
than the marque itself.
In the sector of collectible cars, this became the case for the Maserati
“Monster” and “Birdcage”; Ferrari “GTO” and “Testarossa”; Alfa Romeo “8C” and “TZ”,
and the Aston Martin “DB4 Zagato” and “Vanquish”. Among all of the mass-produced
cars, this process also involved Fiat “500”; Volkswagen “Beetle” and “Golf”; Ford
“Mustang” and GM “Corvette”; Porsche “911”; Dodge “Viper” and, perhaps also, for the
Alfa Romeo “Giulia”.
The Mostro celebrates the centenary of Maserati and one of the most iconic racing cars in
the history of the Tridente: the Maserati 450 S Coupé Zagato “Monster”, designed in 1957
with Frank Costin, a specialist in aerodynamics, and coachbuilt in Milan for the 24 Hours
of Le Mans at the request of Stirling Moss.
Only five examples will be made and each has already been assigned to selected Zagato
car collectors. Deliveries will be completed before December 2015, at the end of Maserati’s
anniversary year.

Exactly as the Maserati 450 S Coupé Zagato “Monster” was built for sport competitions
and, subsequently, converted into a road car, the Mostro has been created from pure racing
mechanics while also being road sanctioned. This philosophy, stemming from the late ‘40s,
was the basis of the commercial success, both in sport and in style, for the Gran Turismo
category. 0_Mostro-Zagato-2015_4 0_Mostro-Zagato-2015_5 0_Mostro-Zagato-2015_7
The cars from that period were produced with racing mechanics and also
equipped with a luxurious interior that made them more comfortable for normal circulation.
Zagato, since the ‘20s, has been the leader in coachbuilding sport coupés and spiders with
two-doors. During the second half of the ‘50s, when the GT category had reached its height
in popularity, the company founded in 1919 by Ugo Zagato was collaborating with all of
the major European brands: Alfa Romeo, AC Cars, Aston Martin, Bristol, Ferrari, Fiat,
Jaguar, Lancia, Maserati, OSCA, and Porsche.

The chassis of the Mostro is made of a MonoCell of carbon fiber coupled to a mid-structure
of steel tubes in order to create the cockpit, as well as a subframe that sustains the fuel tank,
exhaust system, rear suspension and gearbox.
Made in Italy, the bodywork is entirely carbon fiber.
The central-front, V8 Maserati engine with dry-sump lubrication is equipped with a
customizable, engine-management system. The engine is connected to the rear-positioned
gearbox (a semi-automatic, six-speed transmission) and differential by a rigid tube
(transaxle), which optimally distributes the weight of the car along the longitudinal axis.
The front and rear suspension has a double wishbone architecture with a pushrod, spring/
shock absorber system.
The Mostro is equipped with large disc brakes and 19” alloy wheels.
Front and rear tires specifications: 255/40 R19 and 295/35 R19.
 maserati-mostro-zagato-production-limited-to-5-units-photo-gallery_3 Quattroroute 2015 Zagato Mostro photos 8

Mostro powered by Maserati at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2015: History

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