2014 MINI Paceman Cooper S – Built-out and Recommended Options for Loaded $34k Price

2014 MINI Paceman Cooper S Options

The MINI Paceman might seem a little unnecessary, but it is a unique choice that is a must-have fashion statement for some.

For my personal preference of rear-drive, or rear-drive-based AWD cars, the BMW X1 would be my pick over the Paceman any day of the week. But the appeal of the Paceman is pretty real for its extra ride height over the very low-slung MINI hardtop.

MINI Paceman GIF

The style and image is what sets the BMW and MINI apart for most buyers. But both share one critical issue to be wary of: the ability to be priced well beyond reason if you are not careful. Evidence? My X1 sDrive28i loaner from last Fall was the base engine and base rear-drive configuration — but with m Sport trim and oodles of options, the sticker read $46,000. That is quite a bit for such a small machine.

So, restraint is the most critical consideration when ordering or speccing out one of these Premium Compact Exec Crossovers.

P.C.E.C?  Catchy! Just kidding.

Pricing seems reasonable for the $24,000 base price of the Paceman, but things do indeed climb rapidly. In second-from-bottom Cooper S FWD spec, with a manual transmission, my build includes nearly everything I would select in real life.

Why not the John Cooper Works Paceman? The extra 30-horsepower would certainly be a nice feature, as would the ALL4 AWD that is available on my Cooper S power level of 181 horsepower. As would an automatic transmission, for that matter.



Overall, the most critical options for style outside on the Cooper S are:

  • Dark xenon headlights

  • Dark wheels

MINI Paceman lights GIF

Inside, the best choice is for the Tech package including MINI Connected Nav and the Harmon/Kardon speakers upgrade.

MINI Paceman Interior GIF


These builder images are in chronological order, with the option prices down beyond the screenshots.

Spec you own here.


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Official Details: My 2014 MINI Paceman Build-Out

Destination & Handling Fee


  • Roof & Mirrors

    • White Roof/Mirrors

  • Exterior Details

    • White Turn Signals

    • Spoiler

    • Black Headlamps

    • Bike Rack Prep

    • Stealth Mode

  • Seats & Upholstery

    • Sport Seats

    • Center Armrest

    • Leatherette: Carbon Blk

    • Standard Floor Mats

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