2019 McLaren SENNA GTR – Best of Goodwood Festival of Speed 2018

The McLaren Senna is already such an insanely aggressive and unique new hypercar.  Its looks instantly make the entire Lambo and Ferrari lineups seem hopelessly dated.

The raw energy from these sliced and diced panels hardly needed a racing upfit.  But here we are.

This Senna GTR is absolutely shocking in its design brutality. The functional nature of the aero additions are makes them even more interesting and beautiful to the eye.

Check out this nose — not just the usual surfboard chin splitter here, oh no. What they’ve done is remove any air-blocking flat surfaces from the nose.  What is a solid strike-face on the road cars becomes a razor-sharp shark nose.  The nose is defined by this enormous chasm between splitter and hood edge.

Around the sides the chopped and layered design elements are touchably enticing.  And then we have the tail.

This tail will go down in history without a doubt.  The gooseneck uprights for the rear wing are charming enough to make the diffuser seem subtle.  Which it is ceretainly not.  Have you ever seen a more pronounced system to suck the air from under this racecar!? Absolute savagery on wheels.

Big thanks to JC for his photography at Goodwood.

2019 McLaren SENNA GTR