2015 Ram ProMaster City SLT Cargo 46

Road Test Review – 2015 Ram ProMaster City SLT Cargo

2015 Ram ProMaster City ReviewTools are the main thing that sets man apart from animals. Many beasts rival and even exceed man’s ability in instinctive intelligence or physical strength. But no animal has mastered using tools to accomplish tasks their paws, flippers or arms cannot complete. On that note, the right tool for the job can be the difference between hours of back-breaking labor vs minutes of snap-complete solutions. In a similar way, using a full-size truck all the time can feel a bit like using a sledge-hammer to fix a pair of eyeglasses. To do the job right, you …

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CarRe vsDaily

Update1 – Future Taxi Faceoff: Ford Transit Connect vs. NissanT4L vs. Current TX4

The London taxi market is heating up this winter, with companies eager to step in for the polluting, unsafe, unreliable and undignified British Manganese TX4. The Nissan NV200 – what I affectionately call the NissanTaxi4London – is a much better long-term solution to healthy, quiet and safe urban streets than any TX4.   Update: All the below critiques are aimed at the old, classic “London Cab” and not the Nissan. Yes, yes. Nobody likes the TX4 on any rational level. But they have grown accustomed… to its face.   Why so hard on the old TX4 claptraps? This is a …

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Corvette GT6 markup

2014 Corvette C7.R and Z06 – Stingray Gran Turismo Concept Offers Best Clues Yet

The Corvette C7.R and the new Z06 will make their debuts together next week at the first press conference of the first press day in Detroit. 2014 C7.R Monterey Rollout – (Pebble Beach, August 2013) Chevy is in just about the finest pre-show condition it has been in years: the model lines are almost all fresh or forthcoming, and the new arrivals to Chevy dealers in calendar year 2014 mean this Detroit show needs to do its job. Forecast calls for massive press blitz for all the latest new models from General Motors: – 2015 Suburban/Yukon/Escalade – 2015 Silverado and …

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