Ford Confirms 2022 Maverick Pickup, Will Debut June 8th [Video]

Ford‘s Maverick compact pickup has perhaps been one of the worst kept secrets the company has ever had. Ford’s tagline claims that it’s the truck “you didn’t see coming,” but numerous spy shots and leaked images gave the world an early screening of the truck (much to Ford’s chagrin), but the company is finally ready to spill the beans on this unique model with the truck making its official debut June 8th.


Maverick Adds A New Dimension To Truck Lineup

Ford released two pre-launch videos that give us our first official glimpses of the Maverick, with one of them starring actress Gabrielle Union. Union’s involvement will also reflect a new direction Ford is taking with the marketing for the Maverick. Unlike its bigger brand mates, the Maverick will focus more on social media platforms to help get the message across. That includes promotions on Tiktok, Hulu, Instagram, and other social media channels, which are very popular with younger buyers.

This slick marketing tactic also gives us a rough idea of the kind of customer Ford is trying to attract. The company claims that the truck is small enough to be an excellent urban commuter but can still go off the beaten path for light off-roading when asked to do so. It would also appear that the Maverick will reflect the low pricing ladder that Ford will have in place for the model, with rumors suggesting the base Maverick will adopt some classic base model tropes. They include unpainted plastic bumpers, steel wheels, and even halogen headlights, with this particular model potentially being under the $20,000 barrier. But look for the bulk of buyers to go for one of the higher trim levels, which will bring more standard equipment and welcome mechanical upgrades to the spirited truck.


A Potent Family Tree

The Maverick has a lot riding on it, and it’s refreshing to see that the truck will have a solid set of bones underpinning it, with the Bronco Sport and the Escape SUVs donating various bits to the cause. So naturally, it wouldn’t;t be too far of a stretch to assume that the engines for those models will carry over, too, with the Maverick being motivated by either the turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder or the beefier 2.0-liter turbo-four. The latter engine makes 250 hp, allowing the Maverick to be a spirited performer in certain situations.

The Maverick could also benefit from some of the recent upgrades to the infotainment system and look for the Maverick to make full use of both Ford’s app store and Ford’s Over The Air updates suite to help keep the truck fully in sync with evolving technology needs.


When Can I Buy A 2022 Maverick?

A small slice of text in both promo videos appears to reveal that the Maverick will formally go on sale this fall, with pricing and other key information being revealed closer to that date. The Maverick will be built in Ford’s Hermosillo, Mexico plant, responsible for making the Bronco Sport. 

However, a bigger question is what kind of accessories the Maverick could bring for the urban trendsetters it’s trying to win over? Ford has said in the past that it’s trying to enhance the level of personalization that customers can bring to their Ford vehicles, including an expanded pool of accessories and custom touches. So while the Bronco and the Bronco Sport are spearheading this drive, the Maverick could also make full use of the opportunity to offer a pool of accessories that fit their customers’ distinct needs. This would also follow in line with the Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup, which is banking on a similar strategy for its truck offering.