Update1 – Future Taxi Faceoff: Ford Transit Connect vs. NissanT4L vs. Current TX4

The London taxi market is heating up this winter, with companies eager to step in for the polluting, unsafe, unreliable and undignified British Manganese TX4.

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The Nissan NV200 – what I affectionately call the NissanTaxi4London – is a much better long-term solution to healthy, quiet and safe urban streets than any TX4.


Update: All the below critiques are aimed at the old, classic “London Cab” and not the Nissan.Street Level: Nissan's Taxi Hits London

Yes, yes. Nobody likes the TX4 on any rational level. But they have grown accustomed… to its face.

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Why so hard on the old TX4 claptraps? This is a pure outside perspective – I live in Chicago where almost all the cabs are Priuses. They are tinny and hollow-feeling in back, but generally have zero engine noise and a decent ride/safety record.

Street Level: Nissan's Taxi Hits London

The only memories I have of the TX4 are being driven around the block at Marshall Fields before it became Macy’s. They had one around the State Street doors for decor at the time. Or as a joke? Unclear.

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The car was a total abomination. To be in the back at high speed must be simply terrifying.

Street Level: Nissan's Taxi Hits London

The TX4 felt like a golf cart with no muffler, venting half-burnt diesel exhaust directly through the floor.

Nissan NV200 London Taxi concept. PR handout. Photograph: James Lipman // jameslipman.com

It wears the shoddiest plastic panels this side of the Th!nk City, and covered in glass that is mounted and cut with the precision of a baboon.

The TX4 car is already a caricature of the previous full-frame and steel-bodied models, and is a total joke on many levels.

25-Year NYC Taxi Driver Says Nissan NV200 Fits the Bill

So it can make tight U-turns. British Manganese touts its maneouverability in the materials many times, but does not actually list a radius. Other sources peg it at about four meters, versus the new NissanT4L’s official 7.6-meters.


Two things about these facts:

— The TX4’s radius is only possible at a creeping speed, and therefore cannot really be measured the same way as a car that can hold that lock while on power.

— While in the back of a taxi, how often do you shout for the driver to make a quick U-turn? Yes, London faces traffic problems unseen outside its huge city grid. But a sharp U-turn every cab ride would be enough to put me in a Town Car any day.

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Pollution is obviously the major death-knell for this clattering tragedy on 12-inch wheels. Europe is suddenly becoming aware of how filthy with diesel soot all of their cities are. The whole continent needs a bath.

While in Madrid for my study abroad in 2002-2003, I would come home from classes like a normal city. But wash your hands? Black soot from everywhere. And those were old Toledo’s and Primera taxi cabs.

Nissan Unveils the New Face of its Taxi for London Street Level: Nissan's Taxi Hits London

To have such chronic polluters circling the city at all hours is borderline negligent on behalf of the city’s respiratory health.

But enough reasons. Say you agree.

Street Level: Nissan's Taxi Hits London

How to kill it off entirely? Stop exempting new models from crash testing. This thing folds up like a beach ball when crashed by modern-day standards. 1950s engineering plus three decades of de-contenting and manufactured cheapness is not safe at any speed in a city.

Street Level: Nissan's Taxi Hits London

Airbags? Abs? OBDII? Nope, nope, don’t think so.


The Nissan NV200 is a hardy machine with a high roof and a low floor, plus a gasoline engine clean enough to scoot up Carpool lanes in California when it is “on a fare.”

INFOGRAPHIC: Nissan NV200 Taxi 2014 Nissan NV200 Taxi Nissan toma Nueva York con la llegada del NV200T

A Zero Emissions model is also in the cards.


The new nose is a product of the local teams in Nissan’s expanding design, R&D, branding and manufacturing bases across the UK.

Update1: While the design team in Paddington is surely very skilled, the NV200 is really, really ugly from most angles.

This “chrome” grille is appalling.

Trumpchi? I dont know.  I mean, I am a huge Nissan fan but even the NYC NV200 is really unpleasant. What is with the lower bumper under-bite?


Nissan NV200 London Taxi concept. PR handout.Photograph: James Lipman // jameslipman.com CarRevsDaily.com - Future Taxi Faceoff - Nissan Taxi4London vs BM TX4 vs Ford Transit Connect 4

Another option? The Transit Connect from Ford.

Ford Transit Connect Taxi in Hong Kong Ford Transit Connect Taxi in Hong Kong

Silly U.S. “chicken tax” (import rules adding to price of Romanian-built Transit vans intended for passenger, vs commercial, use) issues mean the commercial Fordis actually likely to beat the new Transit Connect Wagon to American streets at least

Its import status to the UK is not clear. Shown below are the New York and Hong Kong Transit taxi liveries.

Ford Transit Connect Taxi

Nissan NV200 London Taxi

Nissan NV200 NYC Taxi

Nissan NV200 London Taxi Specifications*



Vehicle Height


Vehicle Length


Vehicle Width without mirrors


Vehicle Width with mirrors


Turning circle


Engine Displacement (L)


# of cylinders


Engine Power (HP/kW)


Torque  (lb-ft/Nm)








Driven axle


Estimated Base Taxi MSRP


 (Key Feature List )

1.6 Petrol Engine, Front Wheel Drive
Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC)
Power Windows
Power Locks
Power Mirror
Air conditioning

Premium Vinyl Seat Materials
Primary Partition
Vinyl Floor
Exterior Graphics
Exterior and Interior Taxi lighting
2nd row tip seats with integrated seat back

3-passenger Bench Seat split 60:40
Panoramic Glass Roof
Rear heater and rear controls
Passenger Entry Step and grab handles

Driver’s Bluetooth

Reversing Camera

Running Boards

Wheel chair access through nearside sliding door

Integrated rear facing restrained wheel chair position

USB and 12v passenger charging points

 CarRevsDaily.com - Nissan Taxi 4 London GIF


*Information on this document is tentative and subject to change.Engine efficiency and emissions are yet to be tested.  Figures shown are Nissan target and estimations from base vehicle testing and may change after full testing