3.3s, 193MPH 2016 Mercedes-AMG E63S Estate By Fostla.de

This E63S wagon has wrapped up my heart!  Politely tuned, lowered and loved by Fostla.de, this is a 3.3-second hero.  With a shotgun blast exhaust bellow from stock.  Now amplified with new downpipe and catback exhaust. Plus a racing cold air intake for good measure.

A cool detail you might note in photos below?

The badges are recreated as flat, lightweight graphics instead of metal hardware.


FOSTLA Mercedes-AMG E63S Estate

Photos: fostla.de concepts

The “bread & butter” of fostla.de in Hannover is to apply dazzling “skins” to vehicles, a process which is usually associated with sensational performance upgrades. Even for the clientele’s most unusual requirements, fostla.de always has a sympathetic ear – as long as these wishes are feasible.

But one thing at a time. fostla.de equipped a Mercedes-AMG E 63 S 4Matic T-model with a magnificent full vinyl wrap in matte Caribbean-Satin, including the essential window tinting. That takes care of a new and stunning “evening wardrobe” in the best possible manner. Thanks to the cooperation with PP-Performance, the Daimler was bestowed with a chip tuning level 2.
It elevated the original output of 585 PS (= 430 kW), 800 Nm torque and 250 km/h Vmax to 700 PS (= 515 kW), 1.055 Nm torque and 310 km/h Vmax. fostla.de optimized the speed from standing position to 100 km/h from 3,60 to 3,45 seconds with the revised data they elicited out of the 5.461 cm³. Also responsible for the powerhouse performance are the installment of downpipes (Catless Kit) and a race filter.

The fostla.de experts in Lower Saxony offer an immense benefit: they are able to adjust almost any customized outfit to the vehicles, as well as according performance increases at one convenient location – of course, as per clientele’s request. The total fees for the above-mentioned project amount to ca. 9.000,00 EUR.

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