Bentley Blings Up The Flying Spur With New Mulliner Model, All Three Engines Can Be Equipped With Package

Monterey Car Week is well underway, and with all the glitz, glamour, and flair on display, it would seem a bit lacking if the folks at Bentley did not find a way to draw eyes to its booth. The British luxury carmaker has a strong reputation for always showing off something truly extravagant and expensive to attendees. The firm has not been disappointed with the debut of the all-new 2022 Bentley Flying Spur Mulliner.   Mulliner Has Ultra Luxury Appointments For The True Jet Setter Unlike the Mulliner Driving Package on other Flying Spur models we have experienced, this particular …

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Bentley Bacalar Brings Bespoke Details, Exclusivity To Bentley Lineup [Video]

Are you a certain kind of customer that has climbed atop the financial mountain and think that the standard and already elegant Bentley Continental GT Convertible is simply not enough of a styling statement to signify that achievement to the world? if that fits you, the British luxury car company has the answer to your needs with the all new Bentley Bacalar by Mulliner limited edition convertible. It was originally supposed to make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show (before it was cancelled) but we took some time to formally examine things in-depth to find out if the Bacalar …

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2015 Bentley Mulsanne Speed BLUE TRAIN By Mulliner

Bentley just rolled out a new Mulliner Limited Edition — the Mulsanne Speed ‘Blue Train.’ Honoring one of the most famous Bentleys of all time, a 1930 Speed Six that beat the high-speed Calais-Mediterranée Express train  to its destination — something most thought could not be done by any car. Featuring a one-off chop-top coupe style, the Blue Train is such a legend that a few reproductions have even been created — including the RM Amelia Island car below.  The 2015 Mulsanne Speed Blue Train is debuting today at the Techno Classica auto show in Germany. The car features a few …

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First Drive Review - 2015 Bentley Continental GT V8S - White Satin 34

First Drive VIDEO Review – 2015 Bentley Continental GT V8S Convertible – Mulliner Spec in White Satin

The Bentley Continental GT V8S is the real sweet-spot of the range – with monster power in the form of 528-horsepower to an optimized and sportified chassis re-engineer. There are just no words to describe the nimble, light and resolutely rear-drive feel of this twin-turbo V8. Yet there is grip for days and the ability to drive hard, rain or shine, with pace to make supercars blush. Nothing else with 502-pound-feet of torque is this race-able in a complete downpour, including the Continental’s new nemesis: the Mercedes-Benz S550 4Matic. The Bentley somehow feels small and accurate in its typical size …

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