Fisker VLF F1 V10 Roadster Makes 745HP Shanghai Debut

The VLF Roadster is finally here!  Now this stunning machine offers two huge upgrades unavailable on any of its donor-chassis Vipers:  an automatic transmission and an open-air convertible!

Despite Viper instantly meaning roadster to many people, the current gen snake has been all hardtops since the 2000s.  That staves you of the teacup drive mood of a high-doored supercar PLUS the endless headroom of going topless.


The conversion here now only swaps all the body panels but does away with 200-pounds of roof as well.  With a chassis designed for an eventual roadster, the handling is said to be just as crisp as the tin roof models.

The new F1 Roadster’s debut in Shanghai is significant and speaks to the boutique nature of VLF.  Their three main cars are the F1, Mustang Rocket and the Destino V8, a reborn Karma without the electrics.  These three all have potential markets in Asia and the Middle East.  Places where cash is plentiful and exclusivity is king.


Nothing will compete with the F1 Roadster for sheer monstrosity of engine.  Nothing revs out like a V10 and this juiced version is extra strong — up a cool 100 over the stock example.

Pace to 60-mph is under 3.0-seconds while top end is quoted as 210-mph-plus.

The F1 Roadster is available to special order now, with links to VLF below the photo galleries here.


Fisker VLF F1 V10 Roadster


China becomes a major export market for American Luxury Automaker VLF Automotive

DETROIT (MARCH 20, 2017) – VLF Automotive is set to unveil a new V10 Roadster at the 2017 Shanghai Auto show in April. The VLF F1 V10 Roadster is designed for car enthusiasts who want the ultimate open sports car experience.

As a true Roadster, the manual soft top has been engineered to stay extremely light with no heavy electric motors and fit tightly around the cockpit. The F1 Roadster has an all carbon fiber exterior with a high quality, hand stitched leather interior. The engine is a naturally aspirated 8.4 liter V10 with 745 horsepower, and the Roadster will accelerate from 0-60 in less than 3 seconds and top out beyond 210 mph. For the ultimate driving experience, the vehicle is equipped with an active suspension and 6-speed manual. 

VLF Automotive has pre-sold the first F1 V10 Roadster in China, including several Destino’s and hundreds of other VLF vehicles, to be exported from VLF’s Michigan facility to China. VLF expect China to be one of the biggest market of its vehicles made in Auburn Hills, Michigan. 

F1 V10 Roadster has been designed by VLF’s design chief, Henrik Fisker and will be made in limited numbers at VLF Automotive’s manufacturing facility in Michigan by experienced craftsman that are trained with VLF’s unique productions methods.


Engine:                   8.4 L V10

HP / RPM:                             745 HP / 6100 rpm

Torque:                  638 lb-ft. / 928 NM / 5000 rpm

Top speed:                             210 mph + / 335 KM/H +

0-60 MPH:                             Less than 3.0 seconds

Weight:                                   Estimated 3200pounds / 1450 kg

Soft Top:                                Manual

Gearbox :                            6 speed manual

Price:                                      To be announced in May 2017


VLF Automotive is an American luxury sports car company founded in 2015 by former General Motors Vice Chairman Bob Lutz, manufacturer Gilbert Villarreal and entrepreneur and designer Henrik Fisker. VLF Automotive has a state-of-the-art development and manufacturing facility in Auburn Hills and a design and technology center in Los Angeles.  With Lutz as chairman, Villarreal as CEO and Fisker as head of design and product strategy, the team represent more than 100 years experience in the automotive industry and has been instrumental in creating iconic cars such as BMWs, Vipers, Aston Martin’s, Corvettes and Fisker. VLF Automotive is a low volume manufacturer of luxury and sporty automobiles, bringing together true American luxury and performance with reliability for everyday enjoyment. VLF Automotive has announced the production of 4 models: Destino V8, Force 1 V10, Rocket V8 and export only X-Series. More information can be found at